A Cold December Hike To Anson B. Nixon Park In Kennett Square

A Cold December Hike To Anson B. Nixon Park In Kennett Square

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On the morning after  my recent visit to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square I awoke early at the Fairfield Hotel on East Baltimore Pike. I  decided to walk to the Anson B. Nixon Park on the outskirts of  the town. I had visited this local community park on my last visit in July.  Located near  the hotel I began my walk on East Baltimore Pike and followed it into Kenneth Square. 

It was a frigid morning with temperatures in the upper teens. The late December sun was rising in the east as I made my way along the highway. 

 I walked  past some  old farm and open  fields but most of the area was being developed with both commercial and residential buildings. 

There were also some older homes,

and  businesses along the busy highway, although there was little traffic on this early Saturday morning. 

As I walked closer to downtown Kennett Square I came into a more residential neighborhood with well maintained front yard and ancient trees below the houses situated on a hill above the highway.

Here I found some wildlife on this cold December morning. There were a couple of Carolina wrens hopping on the ground under the large trees. 

And a small flock of white-throated sparrows fluttering in the shrubs and smaller trees. 

I left the main highway and followed N. Walnut Street toward the park. Here I found an old residential neighborhood, 

with many of the homes decorated for Christmas. 

When I arrived at the park I found the trails were icy and snow covered. Much different then the heat and humidity when I visited in July.

There were only a few people walking and running in the park as I made my way to the partially frozen lake. 

The walk to the park was further than I expected.

So after a short walk around the park I decided to return to my hotel. 

Along the way I saw a few sparrows, blue birds and cardinals  in the yards and fields I passed. 

I also explored some of the side roads where I found some old houses and ancient trees. 

It was a cold walk but as always I love exploring the residential neighborhoods, commercial districts and parks of the towns I visit.

And I hope to return to visit more of Kennett Square, which is famous for its mushroom farms,  and beautiful Longwood Gardens. Hopefully the during warmer weather and after we recover from the covid-19 pandemic. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike to Anson B. Nixon Park.  Longwood Gardens Visit Morning hike December 19 2020.

“Keep exploring, you will discover new path.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita,

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