A Lot More (Than Even I Thought) Backyard Visitors.

A Lot More (Than Even I Thought) Backyard Visitors.

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Because of the corona virus pandemic I have been working  at my home a couple of hours each day. This lets me look outside for backyard visitors that may show up for a free meal. And there are a lot  more critters showing up  throughout the day then I expected. . Usually I only get to see the critters that show up at night.  So here are some of those I saw. My favorite were  the rose-breasted grosbeaks that  have stayed a few days. 

And  not only the males showed up at my bird feeders. . This time they brought their mates. Although not as colorful as the males the brown females  are still pretty birds. The females seemed to prefer the suet feeders. I have not had any nest in my area so I expect they will be moving on soon. 

I also had a few new arrivals this week. A brown thrasher was in the yard this morning. It may be the same one that nested here last year. 

And I was surprised to see a red-winged black bird in my yard. There are many in the swamp near my house but I rarely see them at my feeders. 

I also was surprised to see a white-throated sparrow on the ground below my feeder

.  Although, like the red-winged blackbird, there are many in the wetlands near my house, I have never seen one in my yard before.

The chipping sparrow, however, make frequent visits to my feeders. 

As do the beautiful goldfinches. I could spend hours watching these colorful birds fluttering about my feeders. They love the thistle seed. 

As do the colorful house finches. 

I was surprised to find a rufous-sided towhee making an appearance in my yard. They are usually found on the ground in the deeper  woods on the ground scratching in dead leaves looking for insects. This one acquired a taste for corn. 

There is also a catbird visiting my yard and feeding off the fallen thistle seed. 

I also had blue jays,


black-capped chickadees.


mourning doves ,

a flicker, 

a grackle , 

a nuthatch 

and a pair of cowbirds visit my feeder. The these were just the bird backyard visitors.

I also had a chipmunk,

dozens of squirrels, 

including this mommy one.

And of course the deer and turkey.

I always loved my backyard. I grew up here. We hiked in these woods, played baseball in the field next to me, watched the sunset many years from the “view” rocks not far from my house. I loved my critters and now realize there are even more here than I realized. Blessed I am to have them visit. Here is a link to some more photographs of my backyard visitors. Backyard critters May 2- 7 2020. 

You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard.   Russell Conwell



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