A Morning Hike Along The Allegheny River.

A Morning Hike Along The Allegheny River.

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I was up early again on my  last day in Pittsburgh. I was in the Steel City for my niece Cassidy’s graduation from law school. I wanted to get in one more walk before I left and decided to hike on the trail along the Allegheny River. I left the Omni William Penn Hotel around 7.am. and  followed  Sixth Avenue toward the river.  Traffic was light considering it was a Monday morning. 

My hike took me under the shadows of tall modern buildings

and past old churches. 

Sixth Avenue merged into 7th street which was in the Theater District of the city, 

and took me to the Andy Warhol Bridge where I crossed over the Allegheny River. 

It was  somber and overcast  but still a nice  day to explore the city. 

I crossed the bridge and followed a stairs down to the trail along the river. Here I found dozens of joggers, dog walkers and pedestrians enjoying the morning air. 

Views of the Pittsburgh skyline could be seen across the Allegheny River. 

Pittsburg is know as the City of Bridges.

One can see why walking along the river. So many bridges all painted yellow, the colors of there three professional sports teams the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins. 

My five mile hike took me past two of  the professional team’s stadiums, I walked back PNC Park home of the Pirates, 

and Heinz Field home of the Steelers. 

Along the trail, in addition to the many humans, I also saw a few Canada geese and goslings feeding on the fresh grass along the trail. . 

After passing the football stadium I came to the Carnegie Science Center, 

and found  a post WWII  submarine docked there, the USS Requin. Of course it was closed at this early hour but I hope to come back and tour the submarine someday, 

The trail become more wooded now. Next to the science center was a casino  and then the trail came into a more industrial part of town.

In the trees in these woods here and I saw a few birds singing in the tree tops, including a yellow warbler,

a gray catbird and 


a song sparrow. 

I had hiked out about 2 1/2 miles.  I  think I was near the point where the Allegheny River meets the Monongahela River and creates the famous Ohio River  when I decided to head back to my hotel.  

Near here I saw this river barge or freighter proceeding down the river, as so many others had throughout the history of our Nation.

On my return hike I stopped to pay my respects at the Vietnam War Veterans and 

Korean War Veterans Memorials .located along the trail 

I also saw this mallard duck feeding on the vegetation along the shore of the river. 

This time I crossed the river on the Roberto Clemente Bridge and explored the streets of the city. before heading back to my hotel. 

It was still early, around 9 a.m.  but I wanted to check out soon and get on the road. I had plans to visit Fallingwater and was anxious to get there. It was another enjoyable walk in Pittsburgh. I am slowly getting to know, and love this  historic city that played such a big role in the development of our Nation. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photographs from my hike along the Allegheny River. Pittsburgh morning hike May 17 2021.

The importance of the river cannot be overstated in the history of the country, or the development of the nation. Maurice Hinchey


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