A Reflective Easter Morning Walk At Community Park

A Reflective Easter Morning Walk At Community Park

cloudy skies at Lake Irena
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Easter  was not joyous for me and my family this year. I awoke Easter morning  and  reflected on the events of the last six months and how they forever changed my life and the life of my family. The weather out side seemed to match my mood. It was cloudy , cold and raw. 

I  needed to walk, I always do in times of trouble. After visiting the cemetery on my daily morning walk  I decided to stay close to home and  visit  our local Community Park. 

I have many wonderful memories out here. My dad would always bring us here in the Spring. I was  hoping to see some water birds on the lake, or maybe even a bald eagle or an osprey. No such luck. Just a couple of fisherman and a only a few birds including this  sparrow,

and a  few birds that herald the coming Spring,  a flycatcher, 

and a few robins. Sorry for the poor quality of the photographs but it was the best i could do with the overcast skies. None of the usual geese, ducks, loons and cormorants I usually find on Lake Irena  were on the waters of the lake.

I walked along the lake and found the trails to be wet and muddy.

It looks like the beavers were still active during the winter.

I walked under the large pine trees on the northern side of the lake. This is the area the bald eagles perch when looking for fish in the lake. I didn’t see any on Sunday. 

It was cold and dreary at the park but I still found comfort in the beauty of nature even on such a gloomy day. The frailty and  shortness of life are  always on my mind now. I always enjoyed my walks in the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania and find even more comfort there these difficult days. 

After my hike I returned home and spent time with family on Easter afternoon. Family provides even more comfort these days. Here is a link to some more photographs from my Easter morning hike. Community  Park hike April 1 2018. 

If April showers should come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May.  Buddy de Sylva