A Short Stroll Through Coudersport, The Quaint County Seat Of Potter County

A Short Stroll Through Coudersport, The Quaint County Seat Of Potter County

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After my morning hike on the Susquehannock Trail, I had breakfast, returned to my hotel and edited some photos. Late in the afternoon I decide to drive into downtown Coudersport and take a look around  this quaint little town. 

Coudersport is located  at the fork where the Allegheny River meets Mill Creek. It’s first settlers arrived  in 1813. It’s population is currently 2,500 yet it is  the County seat of Potter County. Driving into town on Route 6 one immediately notices the beautiful Court House.

I parked my Jeep and began a short walk through the town. I had already hiked over 7 1/2 miles, and I was planning to drive to Cherry Springs State Park to view the  stars “dark skies”, so I  didn’t intend on walking too far. In fact, when I left the hotel I wasn’t planning to walk at all.  But I did, first around the Court House where I    found this Memorial to Soldiers,

from all of our wars. 

I next walked through a residential neighborhood, past well maintained lawns, 

and flower gardens. 

I saw this bridge in the distance and when I walked to it to investigate it, 

I learned this small stream which it spanned  was actually the headwaters of the mighty Allegheny River. 

Leaving the river I walked back toward the  one block to the “downtown”, passing a couple of churches along the way. 

and  came to Route 44, one of the two highways that pass through the downtown.

Along this highway was the Post Office,

and the Historical Society Building. 

At the intersection with the other highway Route 6, I came upon the Elliot Ness Museum. I learned  Elliot Ness, the  famous  Prohibition Agent who prosecuted Al Capone, lived in Coudersport. It was not open but I hope to return and visit the museum. 

Across the street was one more block of the downtown. 

There was an old movie theater,

this old house 

and  this modern building. 

As in any downtown,

there were some shops,

selling all kinds of merchandise.

It didn’t take long to walk to the end of the downtown.

In a few blocks I  again came to the Allegheny River, which had now increased it’s flow after the Mill Creek flowed into it a little further upstream. 

I didn’t realize it but I had walked another 1 1/2 mile. I was hungry again. I am always hungry and decided to eat at  the China Garden restaurant which was near the river. It was a good decision. 

The staff were very friendly and the food was delicious.  I had hot and sour soup,

and shrimp with broccoli.

After eating I returned to my hotel, 

and tried, unsuccessfully to nap. So I edited photos until around 9:30 p.m. and then drove the 11 miles to Cherry Springs State park and hoped to see some  stars. And I did, but not as much as I had expected. There was a quarter moon in the western sky and some high clouds obscuring the night sky overhead. When I first arrived the skies were clear enough to allow me to see a little of the Milky Way. Jupiter was shining in the south, the Summer Triangle was overhead, and the Big Dipper  dominated the northern sky. And I saw three “shooting stars” or Perseid meteors   cross the sky. I was going to wait for the moonset around 11;30 p.m. but the clouds increased and , it was a long day, I decided to leave around 11 p.m. And i left with the intention to return, and in the very near future. Here is a link to a gallery with  some more photographs from my short walk through Coudersport.  Potter County Coudersport Hike August 14 2021. 



 “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

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