A Spring Walk With My Macro Lens

A Spring Walk With My Macro Lens

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 We have had a lot of  cool weather this Spring here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. May has been cool and rainy.  Not good weather for talking photographs.  This afternoon we had a break from the rain and I decided to take a quick walk near my home with my macro lens. dandelion close up

Spring is so short. So much happens so quickly in the nature’s world. I love watching it unfold. I enjoy walking and trying to find and photograph the birds and animals which are so active. I also love to see, capture and share  the new leaves and flowers up close with my macro lens. blue violet close up

Today I walked to the mine reclamation area near my house and captured some of the new growth of Spring, including some wild flowers. I love the smell of these, the honeysuckle. honey suckle flower

And these will turn into delicious blueberries or huckleberries in a few weeks. blueberry flowers

Even the seeds of the lowly dandelion look pretty up close. dandelion flower in seed

The new leaves of Spring are also so intricate and beautiful up close, such as these birch leaves. birch leaves up close

and these future acorns and  young oak leaves. oak flowers and leaves

I was surprised to find only a few insects on my walk. A few honeybees and this poor insect caught on a spider web. insect trapped on spider web

There were hundreds of these tiny snails  on the new stalks of the cattails growing in the wetlands along the reclamation area.snail on cattail frond

I heard a rustling in  some weeds near the water and saw this huge bullfrog. bull frog

I also brought along a zoom lens, hoping to find some warblers or other song birds. Some years I see many of different species in this area. Not today. Just this phoebe,phoebe in tree

and a few red winged blackbirds, including this female andfemale red winged blackbird

this male. male red winged blackbird

I also saw this crow being chased by a smaller bird. i am hoping that was not one of the smaller birds babies in the crows beak. bird chasing crow

There was so much to see and photograph this time of year. The new ferns,close up of fern

the lowly skunk cabbageskunk cabbage up close

or  these strawberry flowers.strawberry flowers

Life if  so amazing, from the tiniest fungus and insect to the largest redwood tree or whale. I love all of it. And Spring is the best time to see it here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, if you keep your eyes peeled. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike today. Macro walk May 17 2018. spring wildflowers

“Photography is a love affair with life.” Burk Uzzle