A Visit To The Barangaroo Reserve: A Little Off The Beaten Path In Sydney.

A Visit To The Barangaroo Reserve: A Little Off The Beaten Path In Sydney.

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I was tired from my long flight but the Sydney summer sun came out and i wasn’t going to spend my afternoon catching up on sleep. I looked at the maps and saw a park, the Barangaroo Reserve not far from the hotel. I kind of liked the name so decided to check it out. I headed west under the massive, and impressive,   Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney Barango Reserve walk (2 of 45)

Once again I discovered why the area is called The Rocks. Large rock formations run through the area requiring the use of a lot of steps.Sydney Barango Reserve walk (7 of 45)

After walking up and down a number of steps and old streets I stumbled upon another pretty part of Sydney Harbor, Walsh Bay. Along this quaint bay are a number of restaurants and the smell of food wafted through the air. Sydney Barango Reserve walk (9 of 45)

I  made my way toward the huge tower, located on the Barangaroo Reserve and found it to be abandoned. I’m not sure what it was used for but  looked like maybe an old lighthouse. Barangaroo Reserve walk 026

I learned the Barangaroo Reserve, recently developed on an old industrial site,  is named after an interesting aborigine woman, Barangaroo  woman who stuck to her native ways. Click on the bold red word for a link to some more information about this amazing woman. Barangaroo Reserve walk 025

I walked around the shores of the harbor as many small pleasure boats took advantage of what became a hot summer day in Sydney.  The reserve was crowded with tourists and locals picnicking and enjoying a summer weekend, Barangaroo Reserve walk 048

As I walked to the south I saw the new development that is now taking place on this part of Sydney. But I was glad to find this quiet spot. i headed back toward my hotel and again along Walsh Bay where I discovered the Sydney Dance Company and some other art museums and studios were locate. Sydney Barango Reserve walk (34 of 45)

I walked along the harbor and again enjoyed some beautiful views of the famous Sydney landscapes, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I was tires so made in back to the hotel and took a much needed shower before having and early dinner.  I hope to see more tomorrow after getting some  much needed rest. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/australia/nggallery/australia/australia-day-three-barangaroo-reserve-and-harbor-hike-february-6-2016Sydney Barango Reserve walk (4 of 5)


 “I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.” Sydney Barango Reserve walk (43 of 45)
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