A Weekly Wildlife Report From Community Park In Hazle Township

A Weekly Wildlife Report From Community Park In Hazle Township

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I continued my afternoon visits to  the Community Park near my home in Hazle Township, Luzerne County this past week. On  Monday it was sunny and mild with temperatures in the low 60’s when I arrived. I wasn’t the only one enjoying this  beautiful afternoon in  the park.  The shores of the lake in the park  were crowded with fishermen and fisherwomen. 

There were also a lot of folks hiking on the trails along the lake. The waters of the lake reflected the clear blue skies. 

The small flock of Canada geese had disbanded but I saw a few pair of geese that were now looking for suitable sites to build  their nests. 

I didn’t see the pair of mallard ducks on the lake on Monday and only a couple of painted turtles were basking in the warm April sun. 

Since the bridge over the creek feeding the lake is still under repair could only  walk to the creek and then returned to the trail leading to the baseball field and surrounding woods. 

As far as finding any  wildlife it was a pretty uneventful walk. I did see a few dark-eyed juncos,

and robins on my three mile walk but that was it as far as any critters on Monday afternoon. There is never a guarantee you will see anything when you hike in the woods. You can only look, which is more than half of the fun. 

It  is always peaceful walking in the quiet of the woods. And although the trees were still drab and leafless the many yellow  coltsfoot  flowers now in bloom provided me with  a glimpse of the colors about to unfold in the next few weeks here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

On Tuesday, returned to the park in Hazle Township  for another 3 mile hike.  It was a little bit warmer and there were a few high clouds in the mostly blue skies. There were also a lot of fishermen along the shores of the lake. 

I walked along the lake and, on the north side, where the stream enters lake, I saw this pair of mallard ducks on a pond near the stream. 

The male ducks  iridescent head feathers   reflected the afternoon sun. 

I am sure this pair had a nest nearby.

Once again I left the lake and walked the trail into the surrounding woodlands. Here I  again saw a few robins, dark-eyed juncos

black-capped chickadees,

and this song sparrow hopping on the ground.

This sparrow is usually perched on a tree branch singing its little heart out. 

I finished my hike in the park on Tuesday and returned again on Wednesday afternoon. It was another sunny day in Hazle Township  with a few high clouds forming over the lake. 

Once again  I walked the trail along the lake and, in the woods where the stream enters the lake, I heard a chorus of bird song coming from a stand of tall pine trees. Walking under the trees I found a number of different birds including this pine warbler,

and this golden crowned kinglet.

However the loudest bird song was  produced  another little  song sparrow. 

As I said, these birds are usually perched on a branch singing their hearts out, and this one was. 

It continued to sing the entire time, about a 1/2, I was trying to photograph the other birds in the trees. 

These included a pair of tufted titmice fluttering on the ground beneath  the pine trees. 

The two were singing as the  danced in the branches.  I am pretty sure they was some sort of mating ritual going on. 

Leaving the pines I again walked into the surrounding woodlands. I saw some more robins, dark-eyed juncos, and black-capped chickadees but didn’t take any more photographs. I also saw this gray squirrel with a peanut scampering in the park grounds. 

He must have already had a few since he wasn’t eating this one but was  on a mission to bury the peanut for a rainy day.

I left the park and returned on Thursday afternoon. It was a perfect Spring day. Temperatures neared 70 degrees and the lake reflected the clear blue skies. However, there was almost no wildlife in the park, well I didn’t see any anyway. No  ducks, geese or other birds on this three mile hike. 

I did see this curious chipmunk peering out from  it’s underground nest, 

 a lot of turtles soaking in the sun, 

and this, I believe, chipping sparrow.  It was still a nice hike on this sunny afternoon. Here is a link to some more photographs of the ducks and birds I  saw on my hikes in the Community park in  Hazle Township last week. . Community Park hike birds April 4 to April 9 2021. 

 It rained on Friday so it I didn’t make it to the park. I hope to spend a lot more time in Community Park , and to share the  critters I may see on my hikes. However, even if I don’t see anything it is still a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.  Here is a link to some more photographs of the lake and scenery from my hikes in the Community Park in Hazle Township. Community Park April 4 to 9 2021. 

 If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. —Laura Ingalls Wilder

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