An Early Saturday Hike To The Schuylkill River In Philadelphia.

An Early Saturday Hike To The Schuylkill River In Philadelphia.

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It was a long day at my Estate law seminar on Friday and I returned to my hotel late in the afternoon. Rain was in the forecast so I had an early , and delicious, dinner at Morimoto, the restaurant owned by the famous iron chef.  I walked the half mile to the restaurant and just made it back to my hotel  as the rain started to fall. black cod at Morimoto

The forecast called for severe weather and thunderstorms so I decided to take the advice of Philadelphia native Benjamin  Franklin and call it an early night. I was up early the next morning too. I  decided to walk east from my hotel  to the Schuylkill River.  The rain had ended but it was cloudy and turning much cooler as I again began my walk near  City Hall.Philadelphia City hall in dark

The streets were much quieter on the weekend. I encountered mostly  homeless people as I made my way around City Hall, trees and plaza near city hall in dark

and walked a few blocks to the nearby towering skyscrapers. skyscraper in twilight

I continued my walk eastward and, unfortunately,  needed to find a restroom.  This is not easy at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning  in downtown Philadelphia. I  decided to try  the subway stations . No luck at the first one I  found at 15th street. I then walked to Suburban Station and luckily, well maybe not so luckily, there was a restroom. It was a hotel for homeless people. Sadly there were a number  men of all ages  sleeping in the restroom, including the stalls. 

As I was leaving the subway station I was approached by a young man, in his early 20’s,  who asked for a dollar for a cup of coffee. I was near a Dunkin Donuts and asked him to follow me to the little shop in the subway. I ordered him a coffee. He now said he wanted the dollar. I told him he asked for the $1 to buy a coffee so I was buying him a coffee. I asked him if he wanted one or not, he smiled and said yes.  I had  a nice chat with him and the Indian owners of the shop as he drank his coffee.  Interesting how people with so different lives also have so much in common. We are all human. Still was sad to see one so young to be homeless. donut shop in subway

I left the subway station  and walked toward the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the fountain at Logan Square. fountain in twilight

Once again I encountered a homeless person sleeping on a bench. There  were heavy thunderstorms in the area overnight and I wondered where this poor soul  was when the storms  passed through the city.  park in twilight

Twilight was approaching as I walked along the parkway toward the famous Art Museum. 

Statue along Benjamin Parkway Philadelphia A lot of folks don’t know about  this beautiful museum in Philadelphia. It is one of the finest in the country. I wish I had more time to stop in for a visit but this morning I would just be walking by. As I approached the museum I heard music. It was around 7:15 a.m and I wondered where it was coming from.

I contained walking along the tree-lined avenue and soon discovered its source. 

A crowd was gathering for a run and walk to raise funds for a local Diabetes  support group. 

I walked past the tents and stands and to the Art Museum where I found the famous “Rocky” statue at the bottom of the also famous steps.Rocky statue Art Museum Philadelphia

Unlike Rocky I walked to the top of the steps to take in the view of the city. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk to the Art Museum. Philadelphia morning walk, part one November 3 2018.

As the sky lightened , I continued past the museum and finally reached the Schuylkill River at Boathouse Row along Kelly Drive. This line of houses have been used by rowing teams and clubs from the Philadelphia area since the 19th century.

The oldest dates back to 1854. 

And this area was already bustling with runners, joggers, walkers, many with their dogs alongside them. And many were tourists as I could tell by the many languages being spoken as I walked along  the old boat houses. . 

I walked about a half mile along the Schuylkill River , thinking about its origin in the mountain streams not far from my home. I wished I could have followed it all the way home, but I had to turn around and head back to my hotel. 

I saw a few of the college rowing teams practicing on the river dispute the wind and cold temperature. 

I again passed the even more people  along the way and mad a little detour to walk to the park located near the old Philadelphia Water Works.  A lot of history, and natural beauty in this area. 

This area provided water to the city beginning in the early 19th century. The woodlands surrounding the water works were preserved as a park.  many ancient trees can be found here along the Schuylkill River. 

And some wildlife. I found a few squirrels scampering around the old trees,

and saw some Canada geese on the ponds in the park.

I walked to a stairway leading down to the river when I thought I saw someone fishing in the river on this cold and windy Saturday morning. As I neared I discovered that the “fisherman” was a statue. 

I now retraced my  walk along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and back to the city,  having to endure a few cold rain showers along the way. 

I also encountered a few birds in the trees and shrubs along the way.

I was soon near the John F Kennedy Plaza also know as Love Park. 

Before returning to my hotel, I stopped at the bustling Reading Terminal Market. One could spend hours in this large market but I came for hot peppers and also purchased some okra and Brussels sprouts. I soon checked out of my hotel and left the City of Brotherly Love. Once again, I enjoyed my visit to this diverse and beautiful city, my favorite city in the world, Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. Philadelphia morning walk, part two. November 3 2018. 

Alone by the Schuylkill a wanderer rov’d,
  And bright were its flowery banks to his eye;
But far, very far, were the friends that he lov’d,
  And he gaz’d on its flowery banks with a sigh.
        Moore—Lines Written on Leaving Philadelphia

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