Another Morning in Paradise. at Crooked Tree, Belize.

Another Morning in Paradise. at Crooked Tree, Belize.

Crooked Tree boat ride 400mm 109
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It seems that things just get better around here. Had a wonderful morning looking for birds, and learning so much about the natural environment of this beautiful area, on a boat ride on the Crooked Tree Lagoon. And we saw a lot of spectacular birds, and iguanas, howler monkeys and even some bats.

Started the day early, watching the crescent moon rise near Scorpio. Once again the stars were amazing down here. And as I watched the stars, i heard a thunderous splashing in the lagoon, and was surprised to see a bull charging through the water, having a good old time. Amazing place this is.

Walked through the village in the dark, felt so safe and at home, along the farms and houses, listening to the strange bird calls and the crowing of the roosters. Like going back to a much simpler time.  Of course had a cup of coffee, and boarded a boat for a tour of the lagoon. So many beautiful tropical and migratory birds.  The cove photo of this post is a black collared hawk, one of many great photos I was able to capture. Unfortunately the internet is slow, and sporadic, we had know last night, so I decided to just post a few photos each day, here on my blog and post more when I’m back in the States.  Off shortly to explore the ruins of another Mayan city, Altun Ha, so not sure if I’ll be able to get back on today. Hope all is well, despite the cold, only 31 days, until Spring, so hang in there. Enjoy your day!

Crooked Tree Lake boat ride 35mm 075

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” – Anatole France