Another Visit To Doylestown; An Evening At An Enchanted House And So Much More.

Another Visit To Doylestown; An Evening At An Enchanted House And So Much More.

Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -30
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I had to file some more legal  papers for my nephew  and  law partner Charles  in the Bucks County  Courthouse in Doylestown last week. This time I decided to stay overnight in this quaint little historic  town  in southeastern Pennsylvania, about 90 miles from my home. I learned that the bed and breakfast at Highland Farm was once the home of  Oscar Hammerstein II, so, of course, I had to stay here.Doylestown Highland farm -1

I left, with my nephew Mike, late Thursday afternoon and arrived  at the bed and breakfast in early evening . We were greeted by a most friendly,  and knowledgeable,  hostess  Christine who gave us a tour  of the house,  told us some history, and showed us our rooms. Doylestown Highland farm -6

I always enjoy staying in the homes of historic or artistic people and I  really feel the presence of the individuals who lived their daily routines here. I became even more inspired as I learned more of the  life highly talented Mr. Hammerstein. I learned he composed most of the lyrics to his many famous songs here. It was a very special place. Doylestown Highland farm -8

My nephew is a fisherman and so I walked with him to a nearby pond.  I walked through and explored the streets of Doylestown.  Doylestown evening walk -3

I walked past  the beautifully maintained residences under  the canopy of  ancient trees on   E. Ashland Street.  Doylestown evening walk -6

Almost all of the homes had  gardens with roses, day lilies, and many other flowers in bloom including these  colorful clematises. Doylestown evening walk -18

I walked past the cultural district which I had visited on my last trip here and again enjoyed the lush gardens, old churches and homes. The streets were crowded with people taking walking tours of this beautiful district. I walked past the Michener and Mercer  Museum and into the more commercial areas of Main Street. Doylestown evening walk -15

It was getting late, and I was getting hungry, so I headed back to the pond where my nephew was fishing and we walked back to Highland Farm. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk through the streets of Doylestown evening walk -20

After a quick shower we headed for a nice meal at the Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood House and returned for a reflective evening at Highland Farm. I spent some time reading the many beautiful lyrics written by Mr. Hammerstein .I fell asleep with the songs of the Sounds of Music echoing in my head  and I was transported back in time, imagining Mr. Hammerstein composing this timeless lyrics under this same roof.Doylestown Highland farm -9

I had a peaceful sleep and was awoken at dawn by the  birds singing in the trees in the nearby trees. I wondered if they could have been the offspring of the same birds that may have inspired Mr.  Hammerstein compose his beautiful lyrics. After enjoying the songs of the birds and watching the dawn in the gardens I walked my nephew back to the pond and I again explored the streets of Doylestown.Doylestown morning walk -1

This time I walked along more well maintained house of  East Street toward the famous home of Mr Mercer, Fonthill Castle. Mr Mercer operated the Moravian Tile Works nearby and built this impressive concrete structure in 1910.Doylestown morning walk -12

I walked back into town and into a cemetery. You can learn a lot about a town and it’s history and people from visiting a cemetery and once again I did. The residents here sure made it known that they honored their departed Veterans as evidenced by the many  Memorials dating back to those who served in the Civil War.Doylestown morning walk -18I left the cemetery and again found myself in some beautiful residential  neighborhoods with a lot of history. I never heard of this famous man  who share my ancestry and who lived in this wonderful little town, as did so many other famous men and woman.Doylestown morning walk -27

I walked past the Courthouses and into the center of town which I learned was not only a famous crossroads dating from the days of Pennsylvania’s founder William Penn, but even further back in time.Doylestown morning walk -33

I learned that Main Street and State Street were once a major crossroads of the Native Americans who lived in this area for a thousand years. I love visiting these historic  sites and wondered  if some of the Native Americans who frequented these paths may have made their way to the lands I hike in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I sat here for awhile and reflected on the many folks who traveled this crossroad before me. Here is a link to some more photographs from my morning walk. morning walk -35

I then headed back, retracing my walk on E Ashland Street from the night before. I met my nephew at the pond and learned he had a good morning catching trout and we both headed back to the Highland Farm for a wonderful breakfast and some pleasant conversation with some fellow guests from New York City,  I wish I could have spent more time at this enchanted house but I had to file those papers at the Courthouse. Here is a link to a few more photographs from our stay at Highland Farm. Highland farm -3

After taking care of business and  doing my filing at the Courthouse I took my nephew to visit  The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, one of his grandfather’s most cherished places. My dad was proud of his Polish heritage and was a devout Catholic and enjoyed visiting this Shrine.Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -2

I told my nephew how my dad and I shared a love for mockingbirds and how one  landed and sang on a statue my last visit. And sure enough a mockingbird  again landed on the same statue while we visited and serenaded us with it’s beautiful song. Dad was happy we were there.Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -3

After visiting the Shrine we drove to the reservoir at Peace Valley located in the valley below the Shrine. We first stopped at the nature preserve and watched some geese, blue herons, , ducks and turtles from the bridge where Neshaminy creek enters the Peace Valley Reservoir, including this young snapping turtle. Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -8

We drove to the other end of the reservoir to the fishing pier and I walked along the scenic  shores of this popular recreational spot while my nephew fished. . Doylestown Highland farm -23

The trails were crowded with runners, bikers and walkers, including many moms, dads and grandparents pushing strollers. The picnic areas were also crowded on this sunny hot day and there were even artists painting along the shores of this beautiful reservoir.Doylestown Highland farm -29

There was also some wildlife including some squirrels, robins, blue herons and sparrows including this one singing in a tree near the reservoir. Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -21

I also saw this young red winged blackbird looking lost along the trail. Doylestown Shrine and Peace valley -27

It was a hot and humid day so I ended my hike  and walked back to the pier where  I left my nephew and watched him fish for awhile. He caught a few nice bass which he released .  I wish we could have stayed in this peaceful place but we had to head home. It was an enjoyable way to spend a June day.  I am sure  there are many more wonderful secrets hidden in  Doylestown and Bucks County and I sure plan to return to find them. Here is a link to some more photographs from our visit to the Shrine and reservoir. Shrine and Peace valley -7

“There is a very real relationship, both quantitatively and qualitatively, between what you contribute and what you get out of this world.” Oscar Hammerstein II