Australia Day Four: Yes , More Sydney Beaches- Manly And Shelly

Australia Day Four: Yes , More Sydney Beaches- Manly And Shelly

Manly and Sherry beach (10 of 30)
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I returned from my hike from Bondi Beach to Coogee yesterday and was looking for something to do in the afternoon. A number of local folks told me I should take the ferry ride through the harbour to Manly and Shelly beaches. They insisted it was a must see on any Sydney visit.  I knew I wouldn’t get to everything on my list to see  because of the day I lost so I decided to take their advice and boarded the fast ferry to Manly, on the northern side of the harbour.Ferry to Manly (50 of 50)

We left Circular Quay and proceeded past the now familiar Opera House. It is even more impressive up close.Ferry to Manly (48 of 50)

It turned out to be a perfect Summer day, mostly clear blue skies, with an occasional puffy cumulus clouds, just enough to give the sky some character.  We pulled into the harbour and the saw the impressive Sydney skyline fade into the distance as we headed to Manly.Ferry to Manly (5 of 50)

The perfect weather had many small  water craft and sailboats enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine.Ferry to Manly (30 of 50)

We proceeded past the harbour opening and got a tour of the impressive harbour.  We docked in Manly where the wharf was crowded with folks enjoying a few drinks or  a meal at  the many pubs and restaurants along the harbour. There was also a small beach near the docks  filled with sun bathers enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.Manly and Sherry beach (3 of 30)

I walked through the streets of Manly for a few a block or two and came upon the wide expanse of Manly Beach..Manly and Sherry beach (9 of 30)

I took in some of the typical beach activity  and than hiked toward the more quiet Shelly beach .It is situated in a cove lined with many huge rocks. The views were fantastic.  It was like walking in  a postcard sceneManly and Sherry beach (17 of 30)

I wanted to check out the nature center and reserve near the beach but the intense Australian sun and long walk to Coogee Beach in the morning were taking there toll on me. I decided to head back to  the dock. This is a link to some more photographs I took at Manly and Shelly beach, and Sherry beach (23 of 30)

After a short wait I was once again on the deep blue water  of Sydney Bay,  We made our way through even more small water craft and tour boats as the nice summer weather brought even more folks out on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Ferry to Manly (49 of 50)

We again approached the Sydney skyline, I only wish I had more time to explore this beautiful city and it’s many neighborhoods.  Here is a link to some more photographs from my ferry rides through Sydney Harbour. to Manly (41 of 50)


“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”― William G.T. SheddFerry to Manly (20 of 50)