Australia Day Nineteen: Tasmania Bruny Island – Beaches, Oysters And Chocolate.

Australia Day Nineteen: Tasmania Bruny Island – Beaches, Oysters And Chocolate.

Bruny Island The neck -58
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Well back to Bruny Island, for those of you who had seen an earlier post about my afternoon on Bruny Island. I had some issues on my blog website and lost the first post. So I am again reflecting on my wonderful afternoon on the island from memory.  I ended my last post  at the lighthouse at the southern end of the island. We headed north on the island, past Cloudy Bay and along the western shoreline.Tasmania Bruny Island hotel and beach -5

We made our way to Sunset Bay, where we stopped at Hotel Bruny for lunch.  I had two bowl of a most delicious seafood chowder, the first bowl, however, I wore, more than ate. I spilled it all over myself and my camera. Thankfully, the staff were so very helpful in getting me cleaned up. I was still worried, when I left, that I may attract seagulls because I sure smelled fishy.Tasmania Bruny Island hotel and beach -7

After lunch we had some time to spend beautiful sunset beach. I enjoyed walking along this remote shoreline, looking for  seashells, and watching the birds fly overhead.  Here is a link to some more photographs from our visit to Hotel Bruny. Bruny Island bird -1

We then proceeded again to the narrow neck or isthmus that separates the southern and northern portions of Bruny Island.   We were told by our guide that their are little penguin colonies here. We didn’t see any since they spend their days searching for fish in the ocean.  some of us climbed the wooden steps of the Truganini lookout and took in the spectacular 360 degree view. It was well worth the long climb. Here is a link to some more photographs taken at the “neck”. Island The neck -56

We made our way north again, enjoying the scenery, and learning so much about the history of the island and it’s people. Even though I was very full from a great lunch was looking forward to sampling the local fresh oysters at the Get Shucked oyster farm. They were harvested only a few hours earlier and they surely were some of the best oysters I ever ate. Here is a link to some more photos from our visit to the oyster farm. Island Get shucked oyster -7

We continued our journey north to the ferry passing farm and ranch land and learning so much about this wonderful island.Bruny Island drive to ferry -5

At the ferry stop we had a short wait for the ferry and I roamed the countryside. It had cleared and it had become a fine late summer day.  It was hard to believe it was Winter back home. As I enjoyed the pleasant afternoon sunshine  I spotted this beautiful eagle soaring overhead.Bruny Island drive to ferry -7

We again crossed the waters of the D’ Entrecasteaux Channel and landed near the town of Kettering where we had one more stop to make, the Nutpatch Nougat chocolate shop. This famous shop makes the finest chocolate products and we learned a lot about the process, from the harvesting of the cacao beans, something I knew about from my visit to Ecuador, to the purchase of the finest chocolate from Belgium, and finally the preparation here in Tasmania. We also got to sample some of the wonderful finished product. Bruny Island drive to ferry -2

Before boarding our bus for the ride back to Hobart, our group, and guide Steve posed for this photograph,  strangers in the morning but now friends, after sharing a great day exploring Bruny Island.  It was a great experience and I would  highly recommend Bruny Island safaris and especially our knowledgeable guide Steve. Bruny Island drive to ferry -12

I was the last to be dropped off so I again enjoyed the ride through the streets of Hobart, taking in the everyday, day ending routine of the residents who live on the other side of the planet from me.  I got to my room and worked on editing my photographs for a bit until I had a late dinner on the Hobart docks. I enjoyed my last walk in this exotic town. Here is a link to some more photographs from our visit to the Nutpatch Nougat shop and our ride back to Hobart.\Bruny Island drive to ferry -8


“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin