Australia Trip Day Two: An Unplanned Morning Walk Around LAX Airport.

Australia Trip Day Two: An Unplanned Morning Walk Around LAX Airport.

Los Angeles morning walk  (9 of 35)
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I was glad to get a few hours sleep last night, but, when I awoke, I was still disappointed I wasn’t on a plane nearing the continent of Australia. No sense crying over spilt milk, So I decided to make the best of my unexpected day in Los Angeles. Looking out the window of my hotel, the Westin Airport, I was surprised to see the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance.  I never saw them from the city on my prior visits, since there was always a reddish smog in the air. Not today. At least I got to experience clean Los Angeles air because of the delay. Los Angeles morning walk (1 of 35)

I headed outside for my morning walk as soon as it got light and didn’t realize it gets this chilly in southern California. The temperature was in the upper 40’s and I only had a light coat with me. I warmed up once I got moving. I decided to walk toward the airport and made my way along the already heavy morning traffic along Aviation Blvd.Los Angeles morning walk (7 of 35)

Although the area was very commercial, you could tell we were near the ocean by the many seagulls flying in the early morning rays of the rising sun. It is always a good thing to see seagulls.Los Angeles morning walk seagull (1 of 1)

And there were plenty of man made flying machines in the air too. I watched a steady parade of landing and departing  jet planes zoom over my head.Los Angeles morning walk (19 of 35)

I walked along Aviation Blvd through the middle of the airport and came across a number of antique airplanes. At first I thought I came upon an aviation museum but realized it was an aviation themed restaurant, the Proud Bird. Looks like a pretty interesting place to dine and may try it tonight.Los Angeles morning walk (12 of 35)

I headed back and walked into some side streets were many small travel and cargo  related shops and businesses were located. I love roaming through the side streets of large cities discovering the many secrets they hold and which many a visitor gets too see.Los Angeles morning walk (23 of 35)

I then crossed into what appeared to be a working class  residential area. As usual this time of day folks were going to work, parents were talking their children to school and the utility and service workers were out and about.  And being in a residential neighborhood, there were more trees. And trees mean homes for birds. I saw a number of species of birds in the trees and was lucky enough to capture a photograph of this hummingbird taking a rest in a tree.Los Angeles morning walk hummingbird (1 of 1)

I walked into what I thought was a housing development but realized I may have entered into the “wrong’ side of town. I should have got a hint when I saw a woman pushing a cart of branches and twigs. It seemed that this neighborhood is home to many migrants, many of whom were living in old trailers, tents or makeshift structures from wood and cardboard.Los Angeles morning walk (31 of 35)

I tried to exit the area but realized it was enclosed and you could not get to my hotel, which was across the street. I was lucky to find a gentleman who showed me the only road that exited the development near my hotel. I learned this was know as the ghost town of Los angeles and it was blocked off from the main highway to keep the residents away from the hotels. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do but it sure was an interesting experience. Los Angeles morning walk (33 of 35)

It was an interesting four mile walk and I learned a little more about the “city of Angels”. It wasn’t what I planned on doing but you never know what is going to happen once you leave your front door and head out on the road. Here is the link to  some more photographs from my hike this morning. Angeles morning walk (27 of 35)

“Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel… City of Night? ”
Jim Morrison