Autumn Beauty In My Back Yard. A Saturday Walk At Community Park

Autumn Beauty In My Back Yard. A Saturday Walk At Community Park

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Autumn arrived late this year here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Some year the leaves have all fallen and there has already been snow on the ground. Not this year. We had a few cool nights but, so far, our Autumn weather has been mild. And so the leaves on the trees are just now achieving their peak colors and putting on a splendid display.Lake Irena in autumn sun

I am still recovering from my sinus infection I had last week and had some chores to do so I decided to hike close to home today and drove to our local Community Park early this morning. autumn at lake Irena

Located only a mile from my house I have enjoyed hiking out here since I was a child.  trees in autumn colors

I walked down to Lake Irena surrounded by trees now at the peak fall colors. I was surprised to find many fishermen on the shores of the lake. I learned that the Fish Commission recently stocked the lake and I actually saw some trout splashing in the waters of the stream flowing into the lake. This stream has been dammed by beavers creating a small pond. beaver dam

The pond has flowed over onto the trail that surrounds the lake.It created either a detour for those who didn’t want to cross the overflow, or,  a difficult  walk over some logs for the more adventurous folks. I made it across the logs. water overflowing on trail

After crossing the obstacle created by the beavers, I  continued my walk under the colorful trees and saw a flock of mallard ducks swimming on the waters of the lake. mallard ducks on lake in autumn

I walked around the lakes and followed the trails into the nearby woods. Here I found some of the last wild flowers of the season, a few purple spotted knapweed,

and what I think is a cudweed also know as a rabbit tobacco.

The milkweed pods have have opened and their delicate seeds now blow gently in the breeze to continue this species so vital to the survival of the beautiful monarch butterflies. 

Continuing my walk I was pleased to find these brick top mushrooms growing on a stump. Encouraged by this find I roamed the woods hoping to find some more edible mushrooms but I was unsuccessful . brick top mushrooms on stump in Autumn

I walked the trail between Community Park and the nearby airport encountering some hunters who I believe were hunting on posted lands. Unfortunately, I experience hunters trespassing on my land every year too. It’s sad these few give all hunters a bad name. trees in Autumn colors

I followed the trails back to Lake Irena where there I again found a number of fishermen trying their luck to catch that big one before the ice and snow of Winter arrives. 

The forecast calls for heavy rain here tomorrow. Many of the leaves will be blown from the trees. I am glad I was able to hike outside on this splendid Autumn day. There will not be many more, that is for sure. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Community Park hike October 26 2019.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”
-Emily Bronte



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