Bear-glar In The Backyard.

Bear-glar In The Backyard.

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Got home from my afternoon walk today and I noticed the door to my tool shed was open. I immediately feared the worse, thieves, but thought to myself, what is there to steal in there?bear (16 of 17)

Went outside to investigate and found this young bear, I think it is a male, happily munching on a 40 pound back of sunflower seeds. I found my thief. He wasn’t bashful and kept eating as I approached. Only when I was pretty near did he head for the woods, with my bag of sunflower seeds!bear (8 of 17)

He took the bag a short distance into the woods and proceeded to munch away on the seeds. I called my brother Mike  and he, and my niece Brooke, who is celebrating her 13th birthday arrived and we all watched him chow down his dinner. He did not seem to mind us one bit. bear  125 (1 of 1)

Only after he had his fill and pulled his head from the bag was i able to scare him away and save what I could of the seeds. I still can’t see how he figured out to open the door. I have placed my bird feeders   high off the ground and he must have been frustrated trying to get to them and smelled the seed in the shed. Have to give him credit for figuring how to open it. I was thinking of getting a lock for the shed, but didn’t think it would be needed to keep out the bears. bear  paw (1 of 1)

It is always nice to see such a remarkable creature in the wild and I was able to get some nice photographs. Here is a link to some more photos I took of furry neighborhood thief.

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“When you are where wild bears live
you learn to pay attention to the rhythm of the land and yourself. Bears not only make the habitat rich, they enrich us just by being.”
Linda Jo Hunter,