Blue Skies And Sunshine Along The Lehigh River.

Blue Skies And Sunshine Along The Lehigh River.

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I returned to the Lehigh River on  Sunday. It was the last weekend of Winter  but it  wasn’t feeling like Spring was only a few days away. It was another cold start. The temperature was 30 degrees with a steady northwesterly wind when I arrived at the parking lot in Weissport. houses and trees on D & L trail

This time I decided to walk north on the old Lehigh Canal Trail that runs along the Lehigh River.trees on trail

I first walked the bike trail along the railroad tracks to get a view of the river.railroad track trees and blue sky

I’s sparkling waters were a deep blue as it reflected the clear blues skies. I found  a couple of  fisherman braving the cold  and wading into the fast moving river.Bridge and deep blue Lehigh River

I returned to the trail and was glad that the snow had melted.  There was a snow cover the last few times I hiked down here. And there is still quite a bit of snow in my yard on top of the mountain where I live. trees and blue waters on trail

The bright March sunshine warmed the chilly morning air and encouraged a number of birds to celebrate the welcome sun with a song, including a few cardinals,cardinal on tree branch

song sparrows,sparrow on tree branch

black-capped chickadees andblack-capped chickadee

the tiny golden crowned kinglets. golden crowned kinglet in flight

The waters on the canals were now ice free. I had hoped to see a lot of ducks and geese on my walk. However I did not. There was one pair of  Canada geese on the canal and a few more on the river. close up Canada goose

I only saw a few ducks too. A pair of mallards on the canal. male and female mallard ducks on water

I guess many of the migratory species also left this area as they moved to there breeding grounds further north.  I still enjoyed the March sunshine, the deep blue skies and the beautiful scenery as I continued my walk between the waters of the Lehigh River and the canal. trees and fence on trail

I passed the “Bridge to Nowhere” andtrees and blue sky on trail

hiked out to the observation deck about 2 1/2 miles from the parking lot. I sat and  took in the peace and quite of the mountain scenery for a bit before I began my walk back. mountains and river on trail

Along the way I encountered a few  runners and walkers also enjoying the sunshine. And I saw quite a few crows noisily flying from tree top to tree top.crow in flight

And I observed a tufted titmouse feeding on the buds of a red maple tree.tufted titmouse eating red maple bud

I watched this fellow  plucking the buds and then siting and enjoying I them. tufted titmouse eating red maple bud

He or she seemed to know I was watching and didn’t seem to mind at all. Here is a link to more photographs of the friendly titmouse. Weissport Hike tufted titmouse. March 18 2018. tufted titmouse on branch

I also saw this bird on the ground. At first I thought it was a robin but as I got nearer I believe it was a hermit thrush. Here is a link to some more of the birds I saw on my hike. Weissport hike birds March 18 2018. hermit thrush on trail

I continued my return hike under the strengthening March sun. It should soon bring the woodlands of Northeastern Pennsylvania back to life from  their long Winter sleep. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Weissport Lehigh Canal hike March 18 2018.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir