Boiling Springs: A Perfect Place If You Like Nature, History, Culture, Or All Three.

Boiling Springs: A Perfect Place If You Like Nature, History, Culture, Or All Three.

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I had planned to take my nephew Mike fishing out in Montana this Summer, but had to change those plans for  number of reasons. I told him, instead of taking that , trip I would take him fishing anywhere in Pennsylvania. I was hoping to head into the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. He is a fly fisherman and said he wanted to fish the Yellow Breeches near Boiling Springs, in Southern Pennsylvania. .Boiling Springs -27

I have visited here before, when my nephew Charlie was attending law school in nearby Carlisle, and I did want to come back again so it was a good choice for both of us.  It was foggy and overcast when we left Hazleton but, after driving the 90 miles south, the skies cleared and we entered  the quaint little town of Boiling Springs under hazy, hot and humid skies.Boiling Springs-42

I recalled the famous tower and the excellent restaurant, the Boiling Springs Tavern from my earlier visits. Upon arriving my nephew visited the local tackle shop and I walked around the beautiful lake, surrounded by old Victorian homes, and  populated with hundreds of ducks, geese and other waterfowl. I have to admit I also caught a few Pokemon, since I have become somewhat  addicted to this new craze.Boiling Springs-44

We were too early to check into our bed and breakfast so I dropped my nephew off at the Yellow Breeches creek, which has some of the best trout fly fishing in Pennsylvania because of it’s cool limestone  waters. The town is named after the springs which “boil” or “bubble” up from the ground. The water temperature is 52 degrees all year, so in the cold of winter condensation occurs, giving the appearance the springs are boiling.Boiling Springs -28

After dropping off my nephew I hiked around the lake and passed many townsfolks and visitors taking in the beauty of the old town  and watching the ducks, geese and swans. Here are some photographs from my walk  around the beautiful Boiling Springs lake. Springs-50

After a filling and delicious lunch at the 601 Restaurant, we checked into our bed and breakfast, the Gelinas manor , a circa 1869 Victorian home along the lake. We meet the hostess Kitty, a world traveler, who entertained us with her travel stories and history of the area, and provided us with gourmet breakfast the next two days.Boiling Springs-1

We learned far too much history to recount in this blog, but the town was first settled in the 1730’s and was the sight of a large iron furnace that produced rifles and ammunition for the Revolutionary.Boiling Springs-24

It was also a stop on the “Underground railroad” which helped many escape the horrors of slavery in the south. Boiling Springs -22

It was a hot afternoon, too hot to fish or hike, so we drove to historic Gettysburg and visited the Museum, which was air conditioned. I  had only been in Gettysburg once, a short visit on my way to law school, and was so impressed with the museum and especially the Cyclorama. Amazing. The images were so real and the presentation made you feel like you were transported back in time and were on the battlefield. It was an awesome and emotional experience. Here is a link to some more photographs from this spectacular oil painting. So life life like. Cyclorama-19

We only had a short time to visit the museum and it’s many wonderful displays and exhibits, but I am hoping to return soon. On the way back to Boiling Springs we made a quick stop, in the oppressive afternoon heat,  at the National Cemetery where President Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg address. here is a link to some more photographs from our  short visit to Gettysburg. afternoon-21

We drove back through the scenic countryside of Adams and Cumberland counties and enjoyed some time at the beautiful Gelinas manor before we had a nice dinner at the famous Boiling Springs tavern.Boiling Springs-47

Built in 1832 this historic roadside inn served many a travel a meal over the years, and was once owned by   Adolphus Busch, the founder of Anheuser -Busch. In addition to the beautiful and historic decour, we had a excellent meal. I truly believe it is one of the better restaurants in the Commonwealth.Boiling Springs-45

After dinner my nephew headed down to the stream for some late evening fishing and I enjoyed  few walks along the lake with many other town folks and visors, taking in the beauty of the mid summer evening.  It was well after dark before I returned to our bed and breakfast and I immediately fell asleep . It was a long day in the heat but I looked forward to exploring the town in the morning. I always do. Even if I was only  less than a  hundred from my home Boiling Springs-15

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Augustine of HippoBoiling Springs-7