Australia Day Twenty One: A Morning In Melbourne

Because of my  long day visiting the penguins, I slept in a bit on my last  full day in Australia.  I missed the sunrise, something I rarely do while traveling.  I awoke hungry,  since I didn’t get a chance to eat the night before, and  I had a quick breakfast at the hotel.  I again…

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Australia Day Twenty One: Melbourne Afternoon Walk

It was now  sunny and  very hot in Melbourne as I crossed the scenic Yarra River and entered  the gardens and  parks of  the Kings Domain and the Royal Botanical Gardens. As you may know from reading my earlier post about my visits to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart,  one of my favorite places to visit…

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Dallas Isn’t In The Desert?

I write this post shortly after I awaken in a city, Dallas,  I have hated for almost a half a century. I am a lifelong,  diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and as any football fan would know, the Dallas Cowboys are our mortal enemies. I am here for a cousin’s wedding and left my favorite, and,…

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