Christmas Time At Community Park

Christmas Time At Community Park

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Christmas has come and gone, every year now , it seems, it  come and go more quickly than the previous year. I’m writing this post in mid January,it has been a busy month,  but I wanted to share some photographs from a hike at our local Community Park a few days before Christmas. 

For me, the season has lost much of its joy since  I lost my parents and sister . I am sure it does for most people who have experienced the lost of loved ones.  But is still a  wonderful time of year and I enjoy the messages of joy, love, friendship to all folks of good will it conveys. 

So I was delighted to find a large display of Christmas decorations at our local  Community Park on my hike. 

I inspected the decorations, provided by Hazle Township and a number of generous  resident sponsors and took a quick walk around Lake Irena. 

It was overcast and foggy as I walked but there was no snow or ice on the lake. 

I found the remains of the beaver dam that had flooded the trail. 

The dam was gone but there was still some evidence some of the beavers who built it remained in the area. 

Leaving the Lake I followed the trail past the Babe Ruth baseball fields and on the old abandoned access road. 

I hiked into the small Park Circle neighborhood of Hazle Township and explored the stream that flows nearby. Obviously there has been some flooding on the stream in the past. 

There was no wildlife activity seen during my hike and  so I decided to return to the park. As I have said before in my blogs, Winter is not my favorite season, I’d much prefer hiking on a warm sunny summer day, but the spirit of Christmas warmed me on this hike. And I was glad to be able to roams our beautiful woodlands even in dreary and cold December. 

Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike at Community Park. Community Park Hike December 14 2019

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” Norman Vincent Peale

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