Cloudy, Wet And Cold, But It’s Still Spring At The PPL Wetlands.

Cloudy, Wet And Cold, But It’s Still Spring At The PPL Wetlands.

PPL Wetlands -9
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[huge_it_share][huge_it_share]The cool weather continued today here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  It was cloudy, with a few showers and  temperatures well below normal, remaining in the low  50’s. I knew however,  that despite the cool weather, nature would not shalt  it’s annual spectacular show. So I headed down to the PPL Wetlands to see what was new.PPL Wetlands -1

The wetlands  were muddy from the recent heavy rains, and in some areas the canals overflowed their banks and flooded the trails. PPL Wetlands -18

But the rain also encouraged a lot of new growth since I visited last week. The skunk cabbage are lush and thriving. PPL Wetlands -40

The blueberry flowers are fading already, but it looks like they will produce a big crop this year. The fruit has set so the berries should be safe even if we get a frost. PPL Wetlands -13

The air in the wetlands is now filled with the sweet fragrance of the honeysuckles. PPL Wetlands -14

These large, and most welcome,  bushes grow throughout the wetlands. PPL Wetlands -23

The air was also filled with the sounds of many song birds that continue to return to the area. I saw so many species but it was hard to get good photographs because of the clouds  and occasional rain.  There were many yellow warblers singing in the treetops,birds PPL Wetlands -23

 And I saw a few more American redstarts and small flocks of goldfinches. birds PPL Wetlands -19

and  a few Baltimore orioles.birds PPL Wetlands -22

There was also the continuous chatter of the catbirds, birds PPL Wetlands -11and the many red-winged blackbirds that have moved into the grassy areas adjoining the wetlands. Here is a female gathering nesting material.birds PPL Wetlands -15

I also saw an osprey sparing high overhead, I am sure looking for some fish in the many ponds, canals and lakes below. birds PPL Wetlands -8

Their were also quite a few flycatchers darting about the trees and bushes on the banks of the ponds and canals. birds PPL Wetlands -17

And, of course there were a number of Canada geese, now found in pairs and establishing their nesting territories. birds PPL Wetlands -14

The turtles were not out in numbers like on a sunny day but there were still a few who ventured out of the now warmer waters. PPL Wetlands -11

And a few frogs also were sitting along the many ponds that have formed after the heavy rains. PPL Wetlands -25

As I said there were a lot of new song birds, many of which I couldn’t identify or photographs very well such as this one which I think may be a warbler. birds PPL Wetlands -20

I did get a photograph of a female cardinal. It is the male that is usually seen perched high on a tree top and singing loudly to attract a female.  Here is a link to some more photographs of some of the birds I saw today. PPL Wetlands -3

I walked to the riverlands, area of the nature preserve. again seeing many of the birds I mentioned above. Some dark clouds moved in so I headed back to the wetlands and my car.PPL Wetlands -24

I walked along the Susquehanna River which was also very high from the recent rains.  The mandrake or may apples were now in bloom. PPL Wetlands -7

There is just so much to see outdoors this time of year. I could have spent the entire day in the wetlands looking at the  flora and fauna. but, just as I neared my car the rains began to fall so I called it a day. But I am already looking forward to my hike tomorrow. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike today. Wetlands -37


Man masters nature not by force, but by understanding. Jacob BronowskiPPL Wetlands -27