Cubs, Fawns And Some Other Visitors To My Backyard

Cubs, Fawns And Some Other Visitors To My Backyard

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The heat of summer has returned here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The birds and other critters  visiting my feeders and backyard have dwindled.  However,  I still had some visitors here in my backyard. Last week mommy bear returned with her two cubs. They helped themselves to the corn I put out for the deer and turkey. 

She has given up trying to reach my bird feeders. I have them hanging  out of her reach. But she and her two cubs enjoyed the corn. 

I was surprised how much they ate. They sat in my yard for almost an hour eating it kernel by kernel. 

I love watching them interact as a family. Mom keeps the cubs in line with a grunt or growl and they listen. 

Mom’s eyes follow me as she allows me to watch and photograph her offspring. She is always looking out for the cubs and I am sure would not let me take one step off of my deck without jumping to their defense. 

Eventually the bear family had their fill and walked into my woods.

A few days earlier a younger bear, I think it was a yearling that was just turned away by it’s mother showed up at my yard and also tried to get some free bird seed. It couldn’t reach the feeders either. 

However it wasn’t interested in the corn and quickly moved on. 

As I said above the have been a lot less birds  visiting my feeders. The house and goldfinches have not been seen in a weeks. The sparrows and mourning doves feed early  and there  have been no robins in the yard. I haven’t seen the indigo bunting, Carolina wren or towhee either. The only regular visitors have the blue jays, starlings and the woodpeckers. 

The young turkey jakes  that were regulars at my yard also disappeared for a couple of weeks. However, they showed up yesterday and are back enjoying the free corn I provide. 

Wherever they were I am sure their host were providing free food too.

 Some folks think they are ugly birds. I think they look like their distant cousins, the dinosaurs.

Of course the chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels are still around. They never leave, even in January but they also were a lot less active in the Summer heat. 

The large heard of deer feeding in the Spring were gone and I had a few stray does and bucks in my yard every evening. 

Yesterday, as I looked into my filed next to my house I saw one of my doe, now a mommy with her two fawns. 

She hasn’t brought them into my yard yet, not in the day time anyway, but I’m hoping it won’t be long until she does. 

At night I hear the raccoons and foxes, and I smell the skunks but the summer heat has definitely  decreased the animals that visit my backyard . Spring is always the busiest season of the year,  but I am hoping I still get some visitors in my backyard that I can share with my blog followers. Here is a link to a gallery on my website with some more photographs of the animals that visited my backyard. Backyard critters July 10 to July 23 2020. 


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