Despite The Cold It Is Spring. Just Ask The Geese

Despite The Cold It Is Spring. Just Ask The Geese

PPL Wetlands birds (15 of 49)
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We have had an unusually cold spring this year in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It snowed three days this past week here in Hazle Township. Temperatures were below freezing every morning .  Not a good welcome home from my Florida trip. I drove to the PPl Wetlands this morning to see how the cold was affecting the trees and wildlife.pond at wetlands

The effects of the cold could be seen on the trees. Most of the trees showed no signs of life. Only the red maples and witch hazel were budding.leafless trees on trail along canal

The wildlife was a different story.  The wetlands were now filled with the melodies of the song birds including this yellow rumped warbler.yellow rumped warbler

I saw another, and got a better picture of why  it is called a yellow rumped warbler. yellow rumped warbler on tree

There were also wood duckspair of wood ducks on lake

and common mergansers on the ponds.common mergansers

And, much to my surprise the two geese that were nesting along the trail have a family!goslings on lake

The cold didn’t affect their eggs and they were proudly swimming with their new family. geese with goslings

It was a mostly sunny day and the strong April sun warmed up the cold morning air. The logs, banks and rocks of the wetlands were soon covered in turtles. turtles on log

I walked through the wetlands seeing many birds including this ruby crowned kinglet,

a red bellied woodpecker, red bellied woodpecker in tree

and a flicker.flicker in tree

I walked to the river lands section of the preserve and found usually quiet Lake Took-A-While crowded with fishermen (and fisherwomen), walkers, and picnickers. It was nice to smell the charcoal fires again. trail along lake

The was a flock of double-breasted cormorants on the lake. double crested cormorants on lake

They quickly took off when I approached. double breasted cormorants in flight

I also saw a great  blue heron, a belted kingfisher and this cedar waxwing. Here is a link to some more photos of the many birds I saw on my hike. PPL Wetlands birds April 21 2018.cedar waxwing on branch

It was nice to know that the cold and snow that causes so much misery for us humans really didn’t affect the wildlife in the wetlands. black-capped chickadee on cattail

On my return hike I again walked past the many skunk cabbages sprouting throughout the wetlands. skunk cabbage in wetlands

And I was again pleasantly surprised to find the trout lilies in bloom. It may be colder than normal but it is still Spring. And nature knows it. Here is a link to some more photos from my hike today. PPL Wetlands April 18 2018. 

trout lilies in bloom

There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature.  Aristotle