Enjoying The Spring, And The Critters It Brings.

Enjoying The Spring, And The Critters It Brings.

critters April 21  2016-1
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I thought I’d share some of the photograph I took of the critters that visited my yard today, and some I saw on my walk out the railroad tracks near my house. critters April 21  2016-3

I am loving the earlier sunrises and the early morning song of the birds in my backyard. The squirrels are usually the first ones up in my yard but these past few days a turkey hen has been around even before sunrise. She has no problem sharing breakfast with the squirrels. I think, and I am hoping, she has a nest near my house. critters April 21  2016-4

Once the sunrises I have more turkeys show up, and thee usual robins, titmice, nuthatches, doves and sparrows, downy and red bellied woodpeckers, one shown above.  The cowbirds showed up a few weeks ago and my favorites, the goldfinches have been around for a few days. critters April 21  2016-8

It was hard going to work with so many critters at the feeder and with the turkey toms strutting around trying to get the attention of the hens. I could watch these critters all day. critters April 21  2016-6

After work I decided to walk out to the railroad tracks and see what new critters arrived out there.  Most of the same species of birds I saw in the morning were still at my backyard feeder when i got home.  On my way out I  saw this robin in my ginko tree. critters April 21  2016-12

I walked out to the railroad tracks passing some ponds and wetlands on the way,critters April 21  2016-7

I was hoping to sneak up on the pair of mallard ducks that are nesting there but they heard me coming and where in the air before I could get close to them. critters April 21  2016-24

Overhead I saw a few crows and the newly arrived turkey vultures, not the prettiest of our feathered friends. critters April 21  2016-19

There were a few of these noisy rufous sided towhees in the underbrushcritters April 21  2016-15

As well as this elusive birds, I think it is a wood thrush. critters April 21  2016-29

And this one, I think it is a brown thrasher. Please feel free to correct me if I make a wrong identification. critters April 21  2016-31

I walked out to the railroad tracks, one of my favorite walks since I was a child. I love just walking the rails and hoping for a train to come along . Today I  was lucky and got to see one. Here is a link to the video I  took of the train https://youtu.be/Yky6nFzB05ocritters April 21  2016-6

I headed home and ran into this squirrel who was taking his dinner home. I love this time of year here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, so much to see every day, whether it’s in my backyard, near my home of in the many parks and forests.critters April 21  2016-32

I was hoping to watch the Full Pink moon rise tonight but was disappointed some clouds moved in. It was still a beautiful day in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Here is a link to some more photographs I took of the critters I saw in my backyard and on my walk. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/photographs-page-2/nggallery/photographs-page-two-blog/backyard-and-railroad-walks-and-critters-april-21-2016critters April 21  2016-1

“Ah yes, the beauty of nature…once we understand life’s delicateness, then we will surely protect and cherish all of its forms.”
Shannon Leigh Warren