Europe Day Eleven: Hungary. My Last Hike In Hungary In The Quaint And Green Town Of Vecses

Europe Day Eleven: Hungary. My Last Hike In Hungary In The Quaint And Green Town Of Vecses

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It  didn’t take me long after checking into  the Airport Hotel near the Budapest  Airport  to head out and explore the nearby  neighborhood. I was considering resting in my room , editing some photos and packing for my return flight early the next morning. But I was in Hungary and decided to take one last hike and  see some more of this beautiful country. I ventured into the community of Vecses.  

It is a small town next to the hotel with twenty thousand residents sprawled out over a large area. It was an old town  with a history dating back to the 14th century. And I would soon  learn, it is a very green town too.

When  I left the hotel I heard distant rumble of thunder and saw threatening storm clouds in the distance. It looked like it was moving to the south of the town so I continued on my hike. I waked onto a quiet street with well maintained residences and gardens, 

As I walked along the street I realized that the street was lined with cherry trees. 

And each tree was producing large crops of delicious cherries,.  They were everywhere along the streets I walked along. 

There were also  English walnut tree,

apple trees 

and plum trees   growing  along the streets of the town . What a wonderful idea. The residents had beautiful trees lining their streets and could harvest  the fruit and nuts they produce.

I walked through the town keeping an eye on the storm clouds.

Almost every home had beautiful flowers blooming in the yard,

Most of the flowers were familiar, like these day lilies,

yellow flag irises,

some type of sunflower.  

Other like these Aspen fleabane,

and trailing ice plant I  had never seen before.  It truly was a pleasure walking  through the well maintained streets. 

I walked past this small grocery stop,

and this little tavern and  restaurant.

I was about a mile from the hotel and the threatening skies remained  so I starting walking back

I walked past the Vecses high school,

an elementary school,

and small church in the quite residential neighborhood. ,

I did see a few birds on  my walk including a common wood pigeon and

and a great spotted woodpecker.

I was also surprised and happy to find these mushrooms growing near an old tree. 

It looked like the storm had missed us.  But it was now late afternoon so  I decided to hike walk back to the hotel . I was very glad  I decided to explore this town and I will never forget my three mile walk through the street of lovely Vecses.  Here is a link to a gallery on my blog website with more photos from my hike in Vecses. Europe Day Eleven Hungary afternoon hike June 10 2022. 

I returned to my hotel and finished packing. I edited some photos and now had to find a place to eat.  I learned the little restaurant in Vecses was closed and the folks at the desk said there were only a few fast food restaurants in the area. I wasn’t about to eat fast food. I haven’t in 30 years so I had no choice but to eat at the hotel.  Airport hotels are not known for serving good food. I had  a salmon  and rice meal with some baked apples. It was typical airport hotel food. But it filled me up. I returned to my room finished packing and reflecting on this great last minute trip. As always, I was returning home with  so much more knowledge about this small planet we all share and many wonderful memories of Ireland, Hungary and Slovakia. 

“The wish to travel seems to me characteristically human: the desire to move, to satisfy your curiosity or ease your fears, to change the circumstances of your life, to be a stranger, to make a friend, to experience an exotic landscape, to risk the unknown..”
― Paul Theroux,

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