Europe Day Four: Hungary: A Beautiful June Evening In The Castle District In Budapest

Europe Day Four: Hungary: A Beautiful June Evening In The Castle District In Budapest

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As I noted in my previous blogs, the Castle District in Budapest, Hungary is situated on a hill above the Danube River, overlooking the town of Pest to the east,

and the Buda hills to the west.  In addition to the beautiful views there is so much history associated with this once enclosed fortress. 

I was exhausted from my eight mile hike on Margaret Island in the morning and spent the afternoon resting and editing some photos. I got hungry  in the early evening and ventured out on the cobblestone streets to the historic Pest-Buda Bistro and hotel.

This historic building was built as in an Inn in 1696. It has been serving food as a restaurant for over a hundred years.  And the food was good, I started with a cream of asparagus soup. It included pickles. It was different but vey tasty. 

For my main course I had the grilled filet of perch, a local fish. It too, was delicious. 

My meal was great. I sat outside and imagined the many folks who had  walked up these cobblestone streets, and stayed at this Inn over the centuries . I  was still hungry, in Hungary,  and so decided to have dessert . The waiter recommended the traditional Hungarian dessert gundel. This dessert, made with crepes stuffed with a walnut and raisins was  the best part of my delicious meal. It was amazingly delicious.After my diner I was tired, but it was a beautiful evening so I had to explore some more of the Castle District. 

I walked back toward my hotel, the Buda Hilton and past the  impressive Matthias Church,

toward the  other side of the wall. There were a few restaurants here, all crowded on a Friday evening and the smell of the food, even though I had just eaten, still wanted me to eat again. 

I was hoping to watch a sunset but it had clouded up.  I still enjoyed the views form the wall looking over the city and toward the Buda hills. 

I followed the wall to it’s end near the Vienna Gate, walking past some canons that I am sure seen battle in their distant past. It was so peaceful atop the hill on that evening and I could not understand the concept of war and battle and hate  in such an  peaceful environment. 

The songs  of the many blackbirds living  in the Castle District filled the evening twilight. 

 I walked back to the impressive turrets of the Fisherman’s Bastion where a large crowd of people gathered to enjoy the wonderful evening. Music and laughter filled the warm June air. 

I soon understood why hey had gathered as the city below being to light up. 

Then, the  famous Parliament Building was illuminated. It was magnificent. 

And it was followed by the  illumination of Matthias Church.  It was a phenomenal event that occurs every evening for the fortunate folks living near or visiting the Castle District of Budapest. 

It will be an evening  I will always remember. I wish I could have enjoyed more of the evening but I was still suffering from jet lag and exhaustion for my now ten miles of hiking. I went  to sleep  looking forward to exploring more of this wonderful city in the morning. Here is a link to a gallery on my blog website with more photos from my evening  in the Castle District. Europe Day Four. Hungary Budapest evening June 3 2022. 

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
― Anita Desai



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