Europe Day Nine: Slovakia: In Evening In Kosice: The Singing Fountain Is Enchanting.

Europe Day Nine: Slovakia: In Evening In Kosice: The Singing Fountain Is Enchanting.

Europe Day Nine Slovakia Kosice evening (23 of 26)
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I have posted a few photos of the famous Singing Fountain in Kosice, Slovakia  in my earlier blog posts.  I  loved the fountain from the first time I saw it’s dancing waters and heard  classical music my first day in Kosice.. It is  one of the most popular attractions in Old  Town Kosice. It certainly was one of mine.  I wanted to see it at night so I decided to have a late dinner on Wednesday  and roam the streets in the evening twilight. 

After my  enjoyable and informative drive in the Slovakian countryside looking for my great grandfather village,  I edited some photos and rested a bit at the Hilton Hotel in Kosice. I had a big lunch, they  give you a lot of halusky here, so I  wasn’t real hungry until later anyway. Around 8  p.m. I walked back into the now the familiar   Old Town. 

I  walked  along  busy Hlavana Street looking for a place to eat. 

I remember seeing a seafood restaurant on Mlynska Street, the Pan Ryba Fish and Seafood Restaurant,  and decided to try it out. I had the fisherman’s stew as a first course. It was pretty good. 

I was disappointed in my main course, a  broiled seafood platter. I had a small piece of fish, some tiny ships and  mussels that were old. It was $20 euros too. I was glad I wasn’t to hungry . I told the waitress of my opinion of the food, it wasn’t her fault, and I still tipped her, but I wouldn’t eat  here again.

It was now around 8:30 p.m.  I am usually in my hotel room by this time, exhausted from a long day of hiking and exploring. I had only walked about 4 miles that day because of my long drive through  the countryside. I was ready to walk a couple of more.

The sun was setting by the time I finished my meal and the street  lights were coming on  in along the cobblestone streets in the  Old Town.

I  walked back to the Hlavana Street where I walked the street. There wasn’t a lot of people walking the streets but the many restaurants along the street were crowed with hungry and thirsty residents of Kosice.

I  walked past the Opera House, 

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, and 

along Hlavana Street.

I  left the main street and roamed around some side streets,

before returning to Hlavana Street and  entered  the park where the singing fountain is located.  

The dancing waters of the fountain, and the classical music playing from the many speakers around the fountain. made for an enchanted, magical evening. 

It got even more magical as the twilight faded and it became dark. 

I sat watching the dancing waters of the fountain and the classical music and reflected on my travels. I wanted to sit here all night, but it was a long day, and I was getting tired.  And  I wanted to get up early the next morning, It was my last full day in Kosice. So, reluctantly I left the dancing waters of the Singing Fountain,

and walked back to my hotel.

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral was even more impressive illuminated at night. 

I noticed the moon in the  darkening skies. It reminded my of my many  adventures I was  blessed to take.

I have always enjoying roaming the streets of a  city in the dark. I have many memories of my aimless  nighttime walks  in the cities of  our planet at night. Some of my  favorites were Krackow in Poland, Rome in Italy, and Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. There were many others. 

Reluctantly, I made my way back to the hotel   with plans to return the next evening and enjoy my last night in the Old Town and see the Singing Fountain one last time in the evening. Here is a link to a gallery with some more photos from my visit to the Singing Fountain and my evening walk. Europe Day Nine Slovakia Kosice evening  walk. June 8 2022. 

When you look at a city, it’s like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it.   Hugh Newell Jacobsen

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