Europe Day Seven. Slovakia: An Afternoon Walk In Kosice.

Europe Day Seven. Slovakia: An Afternoon Walk In Kosice.

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After my  morning walk in Kosice, Slovakia,  I had a late and hearty  breakfast at the hotel and rested a bit while I caught up with editing the many photographs I was taking.  Around 2  p.m. I decided to venture out again. I had hoped to walk to the Hornad  River which  flows through the center  of the city of Kosice.  I left my hotel and walked   away form the Old Town and toward the river. At first the streets were still narrow, surrounded by old buildings. 

Once again I observed the old doors and windows and reflected on the folks who lived here in the past. 

The street  I was on took me to a park. It was a continuation of Mestsky Park that I so my enjoyed in the morning. 

After leaving the park I came to a busy street with modern buildings.  I wasn’t following any map, I just   continued in the direction of the river I saw on the maps earlier in the day. I love roaming aimlessly in cities, especially foreign ones. 

There were large crowds of people walking on the streets and I soon learned why. I came upon a very busy, bus, trolley and train station. 

I  walked  past the train and bus terminal, 

and continued along the  busy street. 

There were some modern commercial buildings  near the terminal .

This one was unique.

The street soon became more residential, and a little older and run down. . 

I continued along the street hoping to find my way to the river. I soon realized that the train tracks that led to the terminal would be a barrier to me proceeding in the direction of the river. 

Rather then turn back,  I continued on into  what appeared to be  a low income neighborhood, 

with graffiti and

old murals. The folks I encountered were all friendly and I didn’t feel unsafe. 

And,  I soon came to a new housing development. It was  very upscale, with flower gardens and plenty of security. 

There were a few more gated developments in this area. I  now headed back toward the old town, and the neighborhood gradually became more commercial with restaurants, a pizza place, 

and other small businesses.

I was soon on the cobblestone streets of  the Old Town again, 

and I decided to visit a supermarket. I enjoy looking at the produce and product in the grocery stores of different countries.

This time a security man approached and told me, well I think he told me, he spoke no English, that I couldn’t take any photos.

It was now late afternoon when I  left the supermarket. I finished up my three mile hike and was hungry again.. I had walked eight miles exploring  Kosice. 

I decided to eat at the Le Colonel, an upscale restaurant not far from my hotel in Old Town. It was a good decision. The  atmosphere in the restaurant was beautiful. The waiter and host were friendly and helpful in helping me order.  I started with a  cream of wild mushroom soup.  It was delicious. 

Next I had a fresh garden salad, again delicious. 

My main course was broiled zander a local fish served with spinach and boiled potatoes. Again it was delicious.

I was full but, after such great food, I had to have the dessert. And it was another great choice, the gratin strawberries with marscapone.  Delicious. I  enjoyed my conversation with the host. We talked about the villages were my great grandparents were born. I left very full and satisfied . It was a long day and I was ready for sleep.  I planned on hiking in the hills around the town in the morning. Here is a link to a gallery with more photos from my three mile walk in Kosice. Europe Day Seven Slovakia Kosice afternoon hike June 6 2022. 

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