Europe Day Three: Finally A Walk On The Streets Of Budapest, Hungary

Europe Day Three: Finally A Walk On The Streets Of Budapest, Hungary

Budapest afternoon hike (7 of 50)
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It was another long day of travel on my journey to Budapest, Hungary.  There  were long delays at  security and I was advised to be at the Dublin airport 4 hours before my 8 a.m. flight. I did avoid the long security lines but it still made for a long day.  I flew into Zurich and then Budapest, arriving around 2 p.m. I quickly  walked  though customs and took  a taxi to my hotel, the Budapest Hilton , in  the Castle District  overlooking the city. 

I enjoyed the ride and my conversation with the driver as I  got my first view of Hungary and the famous Danube River which we crossed to get to my hotel.

It was after 3 p.m. when I checked into my hotel room and I was soon outside exploring the Castle district of the city. Budapest was once two  separate cities Buda on the hills were I was staying and Pest on  the flatlands across the Danube River. It is sad but many of the original buildings  of the city were completely destroyed in World War II. Other building were rebuilt. One of the many magnificent building in the city was located right outside my hotel door. The impressive Gothic  Matthias Church. This beautiful structure dominates the Castle District  overlooking the city. 

It has a long history were kings of Hungary were coronated and wedded, battles were fought and legends made. 

Protecting the beautiful church and Castle Hill were  the towers of the Fisherman’s Bastion. First built in the 1700’s they fell until ruin and were rebuilt in the early 1900’s.  However, they were damaged during World War II and were again rebuilt. 

The seven towers represent the seven chieftains who united to form Hungary in 1895. The name originated from the fishermen along the Danube River who defended the Castle during the many invasions over the centuries.

The Fisherman’s Bastion is also famous for the spectacular  panoramic views of the city below and the awe inspiring Parliament Building across the Danube River. 

I spent a few minutes taking in the views and then walked back to the courtyard ,

and past the impressive statue of St. Stephen , the first King of Hungary.

Unfortunately, I forgot my iPhone  portable power bank so I had to walk into the city below to try and purchase one. It wasn’t a bad thing I got to explore some of the city. I through  the narrow cobblestone streets of the Castle Hill. 

I took in the sites along the way there were many statues. 

Sadly, many of the old building were also destroyed during World War II and you can see how the ruins were rebuilt by the color of the brick. 

I walked out the famous Vienna Gate the medieval entrance to the old town,

and down into the busy city. 

I found a mall and luckily

in the basement there was an IPhome shop where I purchased a power bank and walked back up to Castle Hill. 

I walked past the church and Trinity Square,

and to the other side of the wall that enclosed the Castle Hill. Here I saw my first views of the Buda hills in the distance. 

I walked back to the old cobblestone street, 

and saw this plaque explaining the labyrinth of caves below the streets of the Castle Hill.  These caverns served many purposes over the centuries but for Count Dracula fans the most famous was as a prison where “Vlad the Impailer” was sentenced to serve 10 years. 

I am not a big Dracula fan but  I was curious and so descended the steep steps,

and roamed the caverns for about a half hours. There  were wax figures of the Count, his wife and other historical and legendary people spread throughout the caverns. It was and dark and cold down there. Here is a link to a gallery  in my blog with more photos of  my hike in  the caves.   Europe Day Three Hungary Budapest Labyrinth. June 2 2022

I returned to the service and the much warmer air. It was sunny and hot. The temperatures were in the 80’s as I continued my tour of the Castle district. I walked toward the famous Buda Castle passing many flower gardens, and

a few statues and shops. 

The Buda Castle was the site of a Royal palace in the 13th century. There were many castles built here over the centuries and the magnificent structure that stood 100 years ago was  totally destroyed during World War II. 

The Castle was rebuilt and the current structure houses art galleries and museums. 

I walked around the castle and took in the views of the Danube River and city below. 

I quickly toured the grounds of the castle, it was nearing 6 p.m. and all of the museums were closed,

and I walked past the famous Matthias Fountain.   which depicts the legendary king on a hunting expedition. 

It was late, and I was tired and hungry so I  had to end my whirlwind tour of the Castle Hill, taking in some more views of the city on my way back to the hotel. Here is a link to some more photos from my hike . Europe Day Three Hungary Budapest. Castle Hill Hike June 2 2022. 

I returned to my room, showered  and walked back to the 21 Magyar Vendeglo restaurant for dinner. Although recommend by the hotel I found the 

Hungarian fish soup, 

and pan fired soup to be wholesome food, but not worth the price.It could be because my menu options were limited since I do not eat red meat or chicken. I had an apple cobbler for dessert and that was delicious. 

It was near sunset, and I thought of watching it but I hadn’t slept much in two days.  I headed back to my room, reflecting on my wonderful walk and looking forward to exploring more of this historic and beautiful city in the morning 

‘Where would you like to go, what would you really like to do with your life? See Istanbul, Port Said, Nairobi, Budapest. Write a book. Smoke too many cigarettes. Fall off a cliff but get caught in a tree halfway down. Get shot at a few times in a dark alley on Morrocan midnight. Love a beautiful woman.’ – Ray Bradbury

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