Europe Days Five And Six: Hungary . My Last Evening And Morning Hikes Through The Streets Of The Castle District in Budapest.

Europe Days Five And Six: Hungary . My Last Evening And Morning Hikes Through The Streets Of The Castle District in Budapest.

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After my long  hike on Saturday morning , exploring the streets of Budapest,  I returned to the Budapest Hilton Hotel atop the Castle District overlooking the city . I  spent the afternoon  editing the many photos I took and reading a little about the history of the city.   By late afternoon I was hungry,  in Hungary again  and decided to eat.   I chose Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant, since it was just off  of Trinity Square near my hotel and it was crowed every time  I walked by. It was a good choice, 

I had a  Caesar’s Salad with smoked salmon to start, 

a  pasta with prawns dish  as a main course, 

and a traditional blueberry and olive oil cake for dessert. It  was good and filling. And I had a wonderful conversation during my meal.  The  waitress was  a local girl and we had a  pleasant chat  about the city while she served my meal. 

I was full from my delicious meal, and although tired from my earlier  eight mile hike exploring  the city, I decided to  again stroll the  quiet cobblestone streets of the Castle District. The skies had cleared   and it was a pleasant June evening in Budapest. 

Once again I walked past the few pubs and restaurants, all busy with the folks enjoying the beautiful evening, and past the shops, and statues  along the streets.

I walked over to the quieter, residential side and watched the setting sun as I walked along the wall overlooking the Buda hills. 

I wished I had more time to hike and  explore these hills. I have heard they are beautiful.

In this neighborhood, the only sounds disturbing the quiet of the evening where the beautiful songs of the many Eurasian blackbirds that live in the many chestnut trees along the wall. Their song is heavenly, so unlike the harsh squawking songs of the blackbirds in my native Pennsylvania.

There were some clouds obscuring the sunset, but it still made a beautiful scene as it set below the Buda hills. 

I walked back to the Fisherman’s Bastion and took a final glance at the city below. I wanted to stay up to watch it light up again, by I was exhausted from my almost 10 miles of hiking. And my  driver to Slovakia was scheduled to pick me up at   a 10 a.m.  I wanted to take a final walk on the streets of the Castle District  in the morning before I left this beautiful city. Here is a link to a gallery in my blog with some more photos from my hike. Europe Day Five.  Hungary Budapest Evening walk June 4 2022. 

I awoke  early on my last morning on my short stay in  Budapest. I was   I traveling  to Slovakia to try and  find the villages  were two of  my great grandparents were born.  It was a cool, party sunny morning when I left my hotel and walked past the impressive and historic  Matthias Church. 

There were clouds approaching from the northeast and they  soon darkened the sky as I  walked up the towers of the Fisherman’s Bastion,

and took in the view of The Danube River and   the famous Parliament Building. I next walked the cobblestone streets to the Buda Castle.

Most of the original buildings in the Castle District were unfortunately destroyed during World War II. However, it appeared a few  survived the destruction,  

and I noticed, even on some of the new buildings they used the old iron and wooden  doors that were salvaged  from the ruins. 

It was a quiet walk,  I saw only a few tourist walking the streets. There was no motor vehicle traffic at all on  this Sunday morning. There were a few flower gardens  near the Buda Castle.


and clematis were in bloom. 

As noted in my previous blog, the Buda Castle was also largely destroyed in  during World War II. 

The rebuilt Castle now is the location of art galleries and museums. 

I walked  along the Castle District wall and again enjoyed the beautiful views of the city below including the magnificent Parliament Building 

and the Danube River. 

Joining me in enjoying the view was this hooded crow.

I walked around the Buda Castle. I walked past the fountains again , 

including the famous Matthias Fountain. 

I walked into the courtyard of the  Buda Castle,  I imagined the  royal ceremonies and lavish parties that occurred here over the centuries.  So much history and I wish I had more time to learn more. 

It was getting late, my ride left at 10 a.m. and I had to pack,

so I made my way back to the hotel. I walked along the Buda Hills side of the Castle District walls. 

Again, I wish I had more time to take in all of the sights  and history of the city. . It was a nice walk and I hope to return again . Here is a link to another gallery with photos from my last hike in the Castle District. Europe Day Six. Hungary Budapest. Morning hike June 5 2022. 

“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.”
― Charlotte Eriksson

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