February Backyard Visitors

February Backyard Visitors

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Our weather was near or above average for most of this Winter here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. That was until February arrived.  It has been mostly cloudy, cold, with plenty of snow so far this month. The colder temperatures and heavy snow cover didn’t stop my backyard critters from showing up at my feeders. These photos of some of those critters were taken with my new mirrorless Sony rx10 iv camera. It is mush lighter than my Canon 5D Mark and zoom lens, and much easier on my back, neck and shoulders. One of the first birds I was able to photograph was the pretty Carolina wren that has remained in my woods this Winter. 

This little fellow likes to climb inside my suet feeder and feed on the suet and seeds, safe from the Cooper’s hawk that has also been visiting my backyard. One morning it landed on a chair on my deck right outside my window. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo.

There are also a couple of white-breasted nuthatches  at my suet feeder everyday.

They like to hang upside down from the feeder.

A few titmice also frequent both the suet and seed feeders.

As do the black-capped chickadees.

Often I see both species of birds fluttering to and from the feeders

The red -bellied woodpecker has not been a regular visitor to my feeders but a couple of downy woodpeckers are there everyday. 

A few pretty house finches have also been visiting my feeders.

These reddish birds are always a welcome sight. 

Mourning doves, crows, blue jays and the birds, dark-eyed juncos, also visit. The juncos usually hop around in the snow feeding on seeds that fall from the feeders. 

In addition to the birds there are about a half dozen squirrels that visit my yard feeding on the seed that drops from the feeders.

or, the corn the deer leave behind.

They also burrow in the snow looking for corn and seed

 They are on a constant alert, for fear of being swooped on by a Copper’s hawk. 

Also  making an appearance every evening are my small heard of deer.

They visit every night,

looking for the corn and alfalfa if put out, especially now, with the deep snow cover. 

I could watch them for hours, 

watching them interact as they feed.

There are not as many critters showing up as in the warmer months. The migratory birds are gone. the bears hibernating. and the foxes, rabbits. skunks, raccoons, opossums and groundhogs are also staying in the dens in the high snow.  However, I am still pleased with the critters that do show up. And I am looking forward to seeing that first robin and the arrival of Spring. Here is a link to a gallery with some more of the critters I saw in my backyard this past February. Backyard Critters 2/2021

“If you are not filled with overflowing love, compassion and goodwill for all creatures living wild in nature, You will never know true happiness.”
― Paul Oxton


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