Florida Day Six: Farewell To Florida: Key Largo To Fort Lauderdale

Florida Day Six: Farewell To Florida: Key Largo To Fort Lauderdale

tri-colored heron and sun reflection
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The heavy thunderstorms were over and it  was cloudy and a bit  cooler when I awoke on my last day in Florida.  I decided to again hike in the Hammock Botanical State Park.sign in park

As I began my walk I  found the storm left a lot of puddles on the wooded trails. wooded trail with puddles

Once again I was surprised how little bird activity was there was. The few birds I saw, and heard, were  mainly the same ones I have seen on the previous walks in the keys,  red bellied woodpeckers, catbirdscatbird in tree

and plenty of cardinals. cardinal in tree

I reached the area of the “stone bridge “ and found the trail was now underwater.flooded trail in park

I turned back in the trail as the sun was breaking through the clouds.trail in park

As I continued on the loop trail I once again saw a lot of the snails attacked to the trees and plants.snail on tree

And saw this flycatcher. flycatcher in tree

I also found some trees with these unusual bean like seeds.seed pods

I found them to be interesting. I haven’t yet had time to identify the tree. So any help would be appreciated. close up of seed pods

The woods were still wet from the heavy rains.raindrops on leaf in sunlight

The rain drops reflecting in the morning sun were beautiful.raindrops on leaf in sunlight

I  again came to the flooded portion  of the trail and encountered my three hiking friends and their dogs. I met them when I first hiked the trail on Saturday. 

On my return I noticed the trail had a second loop and followed it. Good idea. I came to a small lake.lake in park

Lakes are good. They usually atttract wildlife and this one did. I saw an anhinga swimming in the water and, anhinga swimming in lake

a tri-colored heron wading on  the shore.tri-colored blue heron on pond

There were also some songbirds in the trees. One of my favorites back home, a scarlet tanager. They are beautiful birds. scarlet tanager in tree

And a frequent visitor to my feeders a red breasted grosbeak. They may have been  on there way to my yard. 

Once again I discovered where  the birds are on the last day of my trip. And once again I left promising myself I will return.  However, I am starting to realize my list of places to visit and re-visit is getting longer than the time I probably have remaining on this planet.  It won’t stop me from trying. . Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Key Largo Hammock Trail hike April 16 2018.

I finished my hike and drove to a local dinner recommended by the staff of my resort,   Harriette’s Restaurant, where I had a hearty breakfast.  I returned to and  checked out of my resort.  I decided to avoid busy Highway One and drove a more rural road out of the keys, Highway 905.bridge over bay in keys

The highway crossed the bay and bayous allowing me to enjoy some of the beautiful south Florida scenery. bay in keys

It was about a one and one half hour drive to my hotel in Fort Lauderdale where I would spend the night before my early flight in the morning.  It was late afternoon by the time I checked in, drove to the airport and returned to the hotel. I decided to visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center.entrance to Anne Kolb Nature Center

It was a short taxi ride, about three miles, from my hotel. It was still sunny and hot as I walked out the boardwalk that meandered through the mangroves to a beautiful lake, boardwalk through mangroves

I encountered this ibis rooting in the mud looking for a meal. close up of ibis

The lake was calm and serene in the late afternoon sun,

  and I was only disturbed by a few ospreys flying overhead, this one carrying some material for a nest. osprey in flight

I returned to the visitor center and perused through some of the exhibits.

I  then explored the fishing piers on the other side of the lake.

It was getting late, and you guessed it, I was getting hungry so I called a taxi and returned to my hotel. After a nice dinner at the Historic Dockers restaurant I was ready to call it a day since I had an early flight home the next morning. I love Florida and hope to return soon. Maybe for a couple of months in the Winter. Here is a link to some more photographs from my stay in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale Hike April 16 2018 


Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.” – Lovelle Drachmaniguana on sidewalk