A Frigid Spring Walk On The Roaring Creek Trail

A Frigid Spring Walk On The Roaring Creek Trail

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Although the calendar says it is Spring,  it sure felt a lot more like Winter  Sunday morning here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The skies were clear but it was a frigid 19 degrees. A strong northwesterly wind made it feel even colder. 

There was still snow on top of our mountain so I again decided to look for   someplace without  any snow. I knew there was less snow to north and west of Hazleton so I drove to the Weiser State Forest. 

Located about 20 miles west of Hazleton I was surprised to find about a foot of snow cover at the Roaring Creek Trail. 

Fortunately, the trail that runs along the two reservoirs was plowed and made for easy walking. It was partly sun when I began my hike, but  large trees along the path shaded the sun. And a strong wind made the temperature, still around 20 degrees, feel even colder. 

A second reason for choosing this area to hike were the beautiful reservoirs. I had hoped to find more of the many duck species migrating through our State on my  hike. 

I was excited to see these hooded mergansers when I first approached the lake. They were on the other side of the lake and these were the best photographs I could get. 

I continued my hike past the first reservoir. The scenery was beautiful but there was very little wildlife on the trail.

I am sure the frigid temperatures had something to do with this. I did hear a few black-capped chickadees as I walked. However, the trees along the trail where tall and the chickadees were high in the tree tops.  I also  heard a few woodpeckers, again high in the tree tops. 

I walked out to the second reservoir, about two miles from the parking lot. I saw a few runners, bikers and hikers along the way, braving the frigid Spring weather. 

I walked a little past the second reservoir. I stopped for a bit to enjoy the scene of the deep blues waters surrounded on both sides by mountains, which in a few weeks will be again covered in green. 

I am looking forward to hiking this trail in the warmer months ahead.  On Sunday it was still cold and I decided to walk back. 

I didn’t see any wildlife on my return hike. I did find these holes left by, what I am guessing, would be a pileated woodpecker. 

As I approached the parking lot clouds moved in making it feel even colder. I enjoyed my snow free walk at the Roaring Creek Trail but I am hoping my next hike here will be in much warmer weather. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Roaring Creek Trail March 25 2018.

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. ~Henry Van Dyke