Independence Hall In The Morning To Chinatown At Night : A Long Day Re-Exploring Philadelphia.

Independence Hall In The Morning To Chinatown At Night : A Long Day Re-Exploring Philadelphia.

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I have explored the streets of Philadelphia many times over the years. I would visit the city for legal seminars,  sporting events or just to enjoy its history and culture.  I spent hours walking through its many  neighborhoods. I love this city . On my visit last weekend I awoke early Saturday  and decided to walk to the birthplace of our Nation,  Independence Hall and the surrounding historic district. Market Street Philadelphia

It was a mild and cloudy day for early October. I left my hotel room at the Marriott at   first light, which occurs around  7 a.m. this time of year. I walked down Market Street as I have down many times in the past. It has changed so much since my first walks over twenty-five years ago. buildings on

There are many new buildings, shops and restaurants but the bustling city atmosphere remains.  And  there were still many of the older buildings along the way.  Since it was quite  early on a Saturday morning  I walked on the   empty streets. I encountered a few eager  tourists like me , some local residents and a lot  homeless folks. I enjoy observing people. I also enjoy  reading the many sign and advertisements in the shops along the way.Thomas Jefferson quote on ad

I walked about a mile on the cloudy and mild October morning when I first caught sight of this historic building, Independence Hall.  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were adopted here. I still get emotional when I see it and think of the great men who gathered here and roamed these  same streets. Independence Hall Philadelphia

Unfortunately, since the tragic events of September 11 2001, you cannot walk the ground except when the visitor center is open.  You must  pass through security. Before the area was restricted,  I remember strolling through the gardens or sitting on the steps many a morning or evening reflecting on the men and events that occurred here. One cold February morning  I  sat in the morning twilight, with Venus and a crescent moon in the sky, wondering if Jefferson, Franklin or some of the other founders may have seen a similar sight. It is sad the grounds  are no longer open after hours. clock at Independence Hall Philadelphia

It was early when I arrived and Independence Hall was not open yet  so I walked through the nearby parks. Amazingly, I found the remains of some old hen of the woods, or as we call them in Northeastern Pennsylvania, ramshead, mushrooms.It seems I am able to find them everywhere I go.  hen of the woods (ramshead) mushroom near oak tree

I continued my walk to  Penn’s Landing along the Delaware River. This area has seen a total redevelopment since I first began visiting the city. Delaware River from Penn's Landing

It is now a tourist and historical attraction. I spent a few moments watching the waters of the river flow by, thinking about the first explorers and settlers who first arrived here,Statute at Penn's Landing

as I also watched  the seagulls along the shore.seagull in flight

I next meandered the streets of the old colonial section of the city, walking through historic neighborhoods and business districts such a jewelers row.street in old town Philadelphia  

Many of the old residences  had gardens, some with flowers still in flower

I returned to Independence Hall and walked around the Liberty Bell and to the National Constitution Center.  None of these attractions were here when I first began visiting Philadelphia. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit either of them and I didn’t have time to visit on this trip but hope to return soon. National Constitution Center

I walked by historic Christ Church and its famous cemetery.  Many famous Americans are buried here including Ben Franklin. Unfortunately the cemetery was closed. Ben Franklin's grave

I next walked  past the headquarters of the Philadelphia Police Department,Philadelphia police headquarters

and explored Franklin  Square. It has an amusement park,amusement park Franklin Square

that was decorated for Autumn and Halloween. Here is a link to some more photographs from my visit to  historic Old Town Philadelphia. Philadelphia Old Town Walk. October 6 2018. fall decorations

I began my walk back to my hotel and found myself in one of my favorite Philadelphia neighborhoods, bustling and colorful Chinatown.  I had planned to visit it the next morning so, reluctantly, I quickly made my way through its busy streets without stopping to see the many exotic Asian shops.Chinatown gate

However I couldn’t resist stopping in the also bustling and colorful Reading Terminal Market .  You can purchase almost any type of produce, meat, or dessert in this busy marketplace  place, fresh produce on display

as well as eat and one of its many different restaurants. chicken on display Reading Terminal Market

I could spend hours in this wonderful place but it was lunch time and I had walked over seven miles. It was time to eat. I returned to Chinatown and had a wonderful lunch at Tom’s Dim Sum restaurant. The hot and sour soup was awesome. Here is a link to some more photograph from my walks through Chinatown and the Reading and sour soup

After lunch I returned to my hotel, edited some photographs and tried to take a nap. But t hat wasn’t going to happen when  I was in a city like Philadelphia and I was soon back in the streets of the city.crowd at rally

The streets were now crowded as I walked west to the newer sections of the city and the towering buildings that were built-in the last three  decades. Comcast skyscraper

I was headed to One Liberty Place and the observation tower on  its 59th floor.  This building was the first to exceed the height of William Penn’s hat  on his statue atop of City Hall in 1987.  For many year no building was allowed to exceed that height. Ben Franklin sculpture

I paid the admission fee and took the elevator to the 59th floor. I loved the views of the city from up here but it would have been on a clear day.Ben Franklin bridge

I spent about a half hour looking for landmarks and areas of the city I had visited, such as Rittenhouse Square, which was only a small  island of green dwarfed by the surrounding city from this height.Rittenhouse Square from One Liberty Place observation deck

It was now late afternoon so I had to return to my hotel.  After a short rest and a quick shower I met my nephew Brandon and we walked into Chinatown looking for a place to have dinner. Gate to Chinatown at night

There were many options, although all of the restaurants were crowed since it was a Saturday night. We decided to eat at the Penang Malaysian Restaurant.  I enjoyed the seafood clay pot and a pleasant conversation with my nephew. seafood clay pot

We roamed around Chinatown for a bit after dinner but it was a long day for me, I had walked over 12 miles, and I was exhausted. So I returned to my hotel and was  fell asleep thinking about one more hike in the city on Sunday morning. Here is a link to some more photograph from Philadelphia Afternoon and evening walks. Market Street at night

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Declaration of Independence July 4 1776Nelson Mandela banner

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