Leaves And Fall Stuff: You Don’t Have To Travel Far To Find Beauty In Nature.

Leaves And Fall Stuff: You Don’t Have To Travel Far To Find Beauty In Nature.

Fall Leaves  (11 of 37)
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After being greeted with some snow and cold weather on my return from the Great Plains, it has warmed up nicely here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Today was a pleasant sunny day and I got a chance to take a short hike around my neighborhood. after work. Fall Leaves  (31 of 37)

The fall foliage is just passing it’s pick but still a lot of color on the trees. Fall Leaves  (19 of 37)

The gingko tree in my front yard lost all of it’s leaves, as it always, does, the day after the first freeze.  Many of them  didn’t even get a chance to change into their usual  bright yellow color this year. Fall Leaves  (1 of 37)

The red maples were one of the first leaves to changs and many of them have already fallen of the tree, creating a colorful carpet on the ground.Fall Leaves  (2 of 37)

The mountain ash also turns red and orange and they, too, have passed their peak.Fall Leaves  (6 of 37)

The birch, aspen and some species of maple change into various shades of yellow and brown.Fall Leaves  (24 of 37)

And the oaks, always the last to change color are finally putting on the Autumn coats. The red oaks certainly live up to their name changing into a fiery red color. Fall Leaves  (26 of 37)

I saw very little wildlife, a few squirrels, and birds and very little insect activity, just a few swarms of gnats that buzzed around my head.  And only a few fall aster like flowers,Fall Leaves  (22 of 37)

There were plenty of seeds pods, burrs and other remnants of the once beautiful flowers that are now long gone., including a lot of pokeweed berries.Fall Leaves  (5 of 37)

Although I was surprised to find some tansy blooming. This wild herb usually is in full bloom in mid July. Fall Leaves  (37 of 37)

I was only out for a little while and only traveled a short distance but still so much beauty  all around us if you just keep you eyes peeled and look for it. This is a link to some more photographs i took on my hike this afternoon. https://keepyoureyespeeled.net/photographs-5/nggallery/blog-photos/fall-leaves-and-stuff-october-21-2015Fall Leaves  (32 of 37)


Ah yes, the beauty of nature…once we understand life’s delicateness, then we will surely protect and cherish all of its forms.”
Shannon Leigh Warren