London Day Four: A Morning Walk From Westminster To The Victoria Coach Station

London Day Four: A Morning Walk From Westminster To The Victoria Coach Station

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Although I didn’t sleep well,  again, I was still excited when I awoke early Sunday morning in London. I had  booked a visit to Stonehenge.  A visit to the ancient site has been on my  “bucket list’ for most of my life.  There were not many times available. There were a lot of tourist in London for  Queen Elizabeth II ‘s funeral so I  was scheduled to leave by bus from the Victoria Coach Station at 10:45 a.m.  This allowed me  a few hours to  explore the streets of London. 

I left my hotel , the Standard, located across from King’s Cross underground station and took the subway to the Westminster station. 

I ascended the stairs and escalators and walked into the crowds gathering near Big Ben. I was now familiar with the area and walked toward Westminster Avenue past the many news reporters and their cameramen from around the world. 

It was a partly sunny and cool morning with a steady breeze as I  walked past Westminster Abby.  Here I again observed the  security tents at the  end of the miles long queue. The folks had waited up to 12 hours to finally pay their respects to their beloved Queen. 

I walked toward the Lambert Bridge passing the heavy  security presence , both military,

and civilian. 

At  the bridge I left the queue and crowds and walked toward the Victoria Coach Station on Horseferry Road.

At first I walked through a mainly residential neighborhood. with many apartment buildings.  The  streets were lined with large trees.

There were many green  areas and parks along this route. 

I left Horseferry Road at Elverton Road and made my way to Rochester Row. 

This was a mixed residential neighborhood with some shops, restaurants   and  upscale residents along the street. 

It was Sunday morning so their wasn’t a lot of traffic. 

I love walked through the streets of a city. You learn so much about the people who live here. There were a lot of flowers still blooming, 

and providing color to the clean streets of the neighborhood. 

I observed the many shops and the  articles they sold, including this famous comic team .

Almost all of  shops and restaurants

had a photograph of the Queen. 

I continued on to Warwick Row and eventually found the Victoria Coach  Station . I was about 45 minutes early 

so I walked around the neighborhood There was a train station nearby so there were a lot of some shops selling food, flowers and produce. 

I walked into an exclusive neighborhood with a lot of  plush housing units expensive automobiles.

I made my way back to the Victoria  bus station.

I was early and had time for a cup of coffee. There were a number of  outdoors restaurants near bus station. 

I stopped in one with some interesting art work. I had a good cup of coffee

but, this  was a mistake. The information for the tour I booked said their was a bathroom on the bus. There wasn’t. More about that  in m next blog post. 

I left the interesting coffee shop and entered the bus station. I found my bus and we boarded on time. The bus was full and we began our two hour ride to Stonehenge.  Here is a link to some more photos from my walk to the Victoria Coach Station. London Day Four: Morning walk September 18 2022. 

“Sometimes there’s no map when you go to new places, you have to make unexpected turns, but the beauty is these places are new.”
― Christopher Hawke

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