London Day Two: A Walk Past Buckingham Palace , And Floral Tribute To The Queen Elizabeth II At Green Park

London Day Two: A Walk Past Buckingham Palace , And Floral Tribute To The Queen Elizabeth II At Green Park

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Although I didn’t sleep  much or well , I was still up early Friday, my first full day in London,  hoping  to return to Westminster  Abbey to pay  my respects to Queen Elizabeth II where she was Lying-In-State.   It was a cool, mostly sunny morning with temperatures in the low 50′ s when  I left my hotel,  the Standard,

which is right across  across from the bustling Kings Cross Underground Station. 

There were   crowds of people entering and leaving the busy underground and nearby train station, made famous for platform 9 3/4 which took Harry Potter and other students to Hogwarts. Many of the folks  leaving and entering the station were grabbing a bite to eat at the many stands and kiosks serving food. 

I entered the station,

 and took the long lifts to the track below  to catch a train . I decided to go to Victoria Station and make my way to Westminster Abbey via Buckingham Palace. 

I love London’s extensive and modern subway system. You can reach just about any part of the city if you know your way around. I exited the Underground at Victoria Station, 

and walked the busy street to Buckingham Palace passing both the old, 

and modern buildings along the way.

The police presence was everywhere as I approached Buckingham  Palace. 

The ceremonial  Queen’s Foot Guards guards with their tall bearskin hats  were not stationed at the gates because of the death of the Queen,

However they marched inside the gates along the entrance to the Palace, 

I left the Palace and walked past the beautiful statute Victoria  Memorial. 

and followed the crowds of people into Green Park. 

Here I saw the another indication of the deep love the British had for their Queen.

The  expansive  park was one large  Floral Tribute to the departed Monarch. 

There were thousands of  flowers, cards, drawings, notes and even stuffed animals placed there by  mourners their Queen. 

I saw so many people sobbing quietly or out loud, men, women, young, old, 

soldiers, sailors, policemen so many folks who were deeply affected by Her death. It was a very emotional experience for me.

I stayed a while to inspect the many arrangements

and read a few, they were so touching and expressed a real loss for a woman they loved. 

I continued my walk, following the crowds through the streets, and came 

to the Mall  which was closed to traffic since  the Queen’s funeral procession will follow this Avenue  on Monday morning. It was lined with British flags, 

and with bobbies, security , soldiers and 

medics in anticipation of the crowds that would crowd the avenue to view the Queen’s funeral procession on Monday.   

I crossed the Avenue at one of the designated areas and  was able to see the Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace in the distance. I.  walked into St James Park as I continued my walk to Westminster Avenue where the Queen Lay -In-State. Here is a link to  a photo gallery on my blog website with some more photos from my morning walk to Buckingham Palace and Green Park . London Day Two. Walk to Buckingham Palace. September 16 2022. 

“Love doesn’t end with dying , Or leave with the last breath , For someone you’ve loved deeply , Love doesn’t end with death.”     John Addey 

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