Another Morning Walk In Philadelphia, This Time To The Schuylkill River

Another Morning Walk In Philadelphia, This Time To The Schuylkill River

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I seem to always sleep well in Philadelphia and I did again last weekend. I was up early and refreshed on Sunday morning. I had walked over 12 miles on Saturday .  It was still dark when I awoke .  I have walked the streets of Philadelphia  in darkness on prior trips to the city.  This time I decided to have some coffee,  and remained in my hotel until it got light. Around 7 a.m. I left to again explore the streets of the city. Market Street Philadelphia

I crossed Market Street and walked south on 12th street. Again, I encountered health conscience local residents getting in a morning walk or run,  or walking their dogs, tourists like me out early and the unfortunate homeless folks, many still asleep on the sidewalks.  It was cloudy but mild for early October and many flowers , planted in front of some of the businesses were still in bloom. 

There is so much to see in a large city.  And many things change so quickly from visit to visit. So  I discover  something new every time I return.  I love seeing the many murals now adorning the sides of building in Philadelphia. mural on side of building

And the interesting signs and advertisements along the way, some promoting charitable causes and others goods and services. I liked this one. sign about ice cream

 I walked to Locust Street and turned west toward Broad Street and the Schuylkill River. Central Philadelphia is located between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers. I have walked the approximately three-mile distance many times over the years. 

I crossed Broad Street which had no traffic at all.  Broad Street and City hall Philadelphia

I made my way back to Rittenhouse Square. Here I found more walkers, runners, dogs, and homeless folks.people walking dogs in Rittenhouse Square

I meandered through the empty streets, observing the contrast between the old buildings, churches and residences and the large skyscrapers a few blocks away. old church and new buildings

I found more murals along the way.mural of child

 I think they really add to the character a city. I still remember seeing the many murals painted on the walls of the buildings in Katoomba Australia. mural and skyscraper

One of the  pleasures of travel is the way it makes one aware of how much all people, all over this planet, have in common. Yet we let the small differences we have divide us. Statue of saint

Well back to my walk, as I neared the Schuylkill River near the  30th Street subway station the area became more industrial and commercial. I walked to the river and again watched the waters flow past me. I reflected again on the first explorers,  settlers  and Native Americans who saw this river while it still was surrounded by forests from its origins a few miles near my house in Northeastern Pennsylvania to where it enters the Delaware River a few miles south. Schuylkill River at 30th street

I left the river and proceeded north into the museum and art district. I walked past the Franklin Institute. I have visited this wonderful museum many times over the years. I still remember the giant heart and pendulum from my first visit in elementary school.  Franklin Institute

I had hoped to walk to the steps of the Art Museum (one of the finest in the Country) but I was running out of time. I was meeting my nephew Brandon for breakfast so decided to start my walk back to the hotel. Street near Art Museum

I  continued my walk through the streets of the city. On one of them I encountered a most unpleasant smell.  After some investigation I discovered the source, a female ginkgo  tree. gingko tree fruit

The berries it produces have a horrible smell when crushed. Fortunately, I planted a male one in my front yard. gingko tree

I was soon back near the center of the city and the large new skyscrapers towering into the clouds. skyscraper in clouds

I wanted to get five miles in on my walk so I took a brief excursion  north to the convention center where I found more interesting sculptures


and murals. This one with these mushrooms was very appropriate for me. 

There is so much to see in this great city where so much of our Nation’s history began. I was sad to leave but I hope to return soon. Hopefully when my Philadelphia Eagles football team is in the playoffs. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk.   Morning Walk October 7 2018. 

I never walked through the streets of any city with as much satisfaction as those of Philadelphia. The neatness and cleanliness of all animate and inanimate things, houses, pavements, and citizens, is not to be surpassed. 
— Frances Wright

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