Mountain View Cemetery, A Winter Wonderland in Spring.

Mountain View Cemetery, A Winter Wonderland in Spring.

April snow  (10 of 38)
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A lot of folks, myself included, weren’t happy with the snow storm we got here yesterday. Almost six inches of snow  in my backyard when it ended last night. I wasn’t looking forward to walking in it this morning.  April snow  (24 of 38)

I used to love snow as a kid. I would watch the forecast every night hoping for a big snow storm from November until March.  Besides the obvious benefit of having no school,  my friends and I loved playing in the snow. Snowmen, snow forts and snowballs kept us outdoors on the coldest of days. As we grew older we’d sled down the local hill well into the night, where we’d watch Orion and the other Winter constellations rise in the east. And than it was hockey on the ponds and stippings. We always seemed to have a fire going on hikes in the woods. I really loved the cold and snow. And my love of the Winter continued through high school.  My friends and I would hike into the woods in the surrounding  strip mines out near  White Rock,  or on a culm back we called ‘ flat top” or ‘killer’   or the more distant  Stoney Mountain or Humboldt Reservoir. . We were out   from dawn to dusk on the coldest of days with snow up to our knees in snow . and never minded it a bit.

But, as I grew older and I had to drive in it,and walk in it with the aches and pains caused by an  older body, I began to dread the cold and snow. Winter no longer was fun and I didn’t and don’t like it anymore. I still get out for my hikes and make the best of it but I so look forward to the Spring. April snow  (28 of 38)

So, this morning, as I was saying, I dreaded heading out for my morning walk. Well, all it took was one look at the trees encased in snow and the white blanket that was thrown across the land and I felt like a kid again. I took my usual walk through the Mountain View  Cemetery to visit my dad and what a beautiful winter wonderland awaited me.  It was such a wonderful walk taking in the delicate beauty of the snow covering each and every branch on every tree. Truly a miracle, this gift of frozen water. It brought back memories of how much I loved the snow as a child.   For a few moments,  I made a truce with Winter. It was a nice snow, I will admit.  And the best part of an April snow is it is almost gone already. It was nice but I hope I don’t see anymore until next Christmas Eve,   Took my camera on my walk this morning and here is a link to some more photos from  in the cemetery and in my back yard. snow  (37 of 38)


Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.

Andy Goldsworthy



  1. Richie Pepsny on April 1, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Frank That was some of the most heartfelt observations of childhood and the differences we all experience as we age.Good job.

    • on April 2, 2015 at 8:34 pm

      Thanks Rich I enjoy sharing my experiences. Wishing you and Dave a very Blessed Easter.