Another Look At Nature Through My Macro Lens.

Another Look At Nature Through My Macro Lens.

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It’s still mushroom season here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  However, nature hasn’t been too cooperative this year and I haven’t been finding a lot of wild edible mushrooms.  However, I still keep looking.  And I did last weekend, once again, with my camera and macro lens. As soon as I started my walk I noticed the signs of the end of summer. Many of the leaves are already starting to change color.  Most of the blueberry bushes, both the high  and low bush varieties have become a brilliant red. nature hike blueberry leaves

The decreasing hours of sunlight are also causing  many other leaves to  stop producing chlorophyll  and lose their green color.nature hike leaf changing colors

Goldenrod has become the predominate flower  along the paths and trail now. nature hike goldenrod flowers

There are some other late summer flowers in bloom, including an orchid, the pretty nodding ladies’ tresses.

And the late summer flowers continue to attract the many inhabitants of the insect world, such as this monarch butterfly. Many of the monarchs have already begun their migration south. 

There were also a lot of grasshoppers jumping and darting about as I approached them on the trail, Some stood still long enough for me to take a photograph. 

Once again I was fascinated by the beauty and complexity of this common insects when seen  up close. 

My search for wild mushrooms took me near a wetland area where I saw some  more complex and beautiful insects, the dragonfly. 

As with the grasshopper I was awed by it’s beauty through the macro lens.

I was pleased to see a wood duck on this isolated wetland.

And I also spotted a turtle floating in the waters. 

I wasn’t finding any mushroom so I decided to try another spot. On the way to my jeep a saw some m0re insects including this wasp.

And, on a log I saw this very fresh animal dropping.  There was much debate on my Facebook page as to what animal left it, but the majority believe it was left by a fox. 


Of course I was disappointed in not finding any mushrooms. The season is short. However, I still enjoyed my hike in the words and the opportunity it gave me to see, and share, the beauty of nature. Here is a link to some more photographs I took on my hike. Macro lens hike September 8 2019. cranbrery close up

All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. Marie Curie

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