New Zealand Day Eleven: A Morning Walk In Halfmoon Bay And An Evening In Invercargill

New Zealand Day Eleven: A Morning Walk In Halfmoon Bay And An Evening In Invercargill

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I was sleeping well after a week in New Zealand. It was probably from a combination of exhaustion and contentment. My sinuses finally  recovered from the long flight and I was too tired at night  to feel any joint and back aches and pain.  I love to travel and it always makes me feel energized. . I awoke refreshed on my last day on Stewart Island. Unfortunately  I had to check out of my lodge at 10 a.m. I wished, again, I had more time.  I had time for one last hike in the port town of Oban. I would be in Invercargill in the evening. clouds over bay on ocean

There were a number of hiking trails around the town. I wanted to  hike out Akers Point since there might be blue penguins, shags, and titi (muttonbirds) there.  I wasn’t sure if I would have enough time for this hike. I decided to call a taxi. I was lucky  to find the only taxi driver on the island  up and at the South Sea Hotel.  I agreed to  met him there. He was having a coffee.  I  had him drop me out at the entrance to the trail to Ackers Point. entrance to Akers point trail

It was a sunny and cool morning. A perfect day to explore. I  first made a short walk to one of the first homes built on the island. It was built by Lewis Acker in 1836. Lewis Acker cottage

He was a whaler from New England. He decided to remain on Stewart Island and built this stone cottage. He raised a family  and established a ship building shop here in the 1840’s. interior of Acker cottage

I returned to the trail to Ackers Point. I enjoyed my walk under the canopy of trees  and the ferns growing along the trail. ferns on trail

 There were many birds fluttering in the trees. I heard the strange songs of many of them but was only able to photograph a few,  including this New Zealand robin, New Zealand on branch

and this  bell bird. bell bird on branch

I also walked  by some pretty  flowers. I didn’t have time to learn if they were native or brought her by the settlers.purple flowers

As I walked the up the trail above the trees I had a view of the ocean and was treated to this scene of  a  beautiful rainbow in the distance. It was already a wonderful day. rainbow over bay

I walked out to Ackers Point  and didn’t find any penguins, shags or titi. I did see  a  colony of sea gulls on a rock,

A large cruise shipwas  anchored in the bay. Here is a link to some more photos from my walk to the Point. New Zealand Day Eleven. Ackers Point hike February 16 2019 cruise ship in bay

I walked back along the trail. It was about a mile to the entrance.   I  then  began my  two mile hike back to Oban on the road I drove in on. rural road to Oban

I enjoyed walking in the rural countryside.  I was delighted to find a kea, a large parrot, perched in a tree. kea in tree

I continued my walk in the morning sunshine walking past this abandoned ship.abandoned boat

 I came upon  this nugget or tree covered rocky island where  the ship captain was supposed to be buried.

I saw a few more finch like birds on my way

and some more flowers. 

It was a beautiful morning to be  exploring such wonderful island.  I arrived back to my lodge in Oban around 9:30 a.m. I  had to quickly shower, pack and catch a ride to the ferry with Peter. Here is a link to some more photos from my walk. New Zealand Day Eleven. Walk from Ackers Point  February 16 2019

There were five of us leaving the lodge. We stored our luggage at the dock. It was Saturday and the next ferry didn’t leave the island until 3 p.m.

I spent the next five hours exploring Oban. There were some off and on periods of rain. I saw another rainbow after one of the showers ended. .

When it rain, I  visited the  Rakiura National Park visitors center where I learned more about the park and island. I also had time to enjoy another large and delicious breakfast, this time at the Kiwi-French Cafe  Creperie. Salmon omelet

I next visited  the Rakiura Museum were learned so much about the islands residents,

their history and

the environment of the island.

 Here are some photos from my visit to the museums. New Zealand Day Eleven: Oban museums February 16 2019. 

At 3:30 I joined a large crowd of people boarding the ferry for the one hour ride back to Bluff.

I was sad to live this remote island. I knew I just got a small sample of its beauty in my three-day stay.  Maybe someday I will return, but so many other places to see on this beautiful planet, and  so little time.

As we rode out of  Halfmoon Bay, we saw the large cruise ship anchored at sea. I learned it was on an 120 day around the world voyage. I was jealous. I would love to be able  to undertake such a journey.

At Bluff I gathered my luggage and boarded my bus for the hour ride to Invercargill.  I arrived at the historic  Victoria Rail Hotel late in the afternoon.

It was another beautiful building and again I had so little time to enjoy its historic furnishings. I wanted to see the  town of Invercargill.  It was cool and overcast when I left my hotel. It felt like a Fall day back home. It looked like it might rain but I had to see the city.

I was surprised to find almost no traffic on  the streets.

I didn’t see motor vehicle or a person. Block after block. No one. It was eerie. Like an Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episode.  It wasn’t until I neared  Queens Park and the botanical gardens that I saw people entering the park. I was glad I wasn’t the only person  in Invercargill.

I walked into Queens Park.  Once  again I found well-cared for lawns and gardens.

There was a crowd of people walking toward in the center of the park.  I saw this unusual sight as I approached.

It was a fairy in a tree. Well an actress/ performer dressed as a fairy. There was a performance of Shakespeare A Mid Summer Night Dream later that evening.  I would have loved to stay and watch it but I wanted to explore a little more of Invercargill  before dark.

I walked through the park and found an aviary. There were birds from around the world.

I walked out of the park and past the famous water tower. It started to rain so I made my way to my hotel, stopping for dinner on the way.

It was another long day in New Zealand and I had an early bus ride the next morning. So once again I was in bed early,  and didn’t get to enjoy my charming room and hotel. Here is a link to some more photographs  from my hike. New Zealand Day Eleven; Invercargill Evening hike February 16 2019

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” — Henry David Thoreau,

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