New Zealand Day Nine. Another Day On Stewart Island Exploring The Port Town Of Oban

New Zealand Day Nine. Another Day On Stewart Island Exploring The Port Town Of Oban

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I awoke early my first morning on Stewart Island. I was going to go looking for the sunrise, which I later  learned I could watch from my bedroom window.  The skies were overcast and rain was in the forecast. Yes, it rains in New Zealand. overcast morning skies over Oban

I have rain gear, and bad weather wouldn’t keep me inside but I had another option. Peter was giving a guided tour of Oban to another couple staying at the lodge and I decided to join. tour guide and lodge host Peter and van

I am glad I did. Peter  showed us Oban from the perspective of a long time resident with a background as a forester, fisherman, tour guide, lodge operator and most importantly a father.  We we given information on everything as we rode the back roads of the small port town. kiwi crossing sign

We learned about the sewage system and the  production of electricity with the new diesel run electric plant. electric plant

We were shown some of the local monuments including the telephone on the tree, old telephone on tree

and the toilet garden. toilet sculpture garden

We drove to its beaches where we learned about the fishing industry and its demise with the onset of tourism. road along beach

We drove to the entrance to  the famous Rakiura National Park.entrance to Rakiura National Park

We left our van and learned about the creation of the park and its reception by the local residents.information at Rakiura

We explored the nearby  pristine beach beach near park

as the rain started to fall. seaweed on beach

We drove back to town and drove to the other side of Half Moon Bay.   We again learned so much about the town.abandoned boat on shore

We were told about the legends of  the ship captain buried on a small nugget. We learned about the difference between  “nuggets ” and “rocks”.boats in harbor

We visited Peter’s church, St, Andrew’s Anglican Church and learned about  its famous visitor in 2015.St, Andrews Anglican Church

Prince Harry visited the island, and church , that of Prince Harry

I loved the tour. It was a wonderful experience. Here is a link to some more photographs from our tour. New Zealand Day Nine.  Oban driving tour. February 14 2019living room at lodge

We were back at the lodge for lunch. I finished my cheese sandwich I bought when I arrived the day before. I  relaxed and watched the rain for about an  hour.  All of the rooms in the lodge had beautiful views. This is the living room. 

Well the rain stopped and I headed out to explore Oban. I walked down to the harbor and back up Ayr Street. restaurant in Oban

It was a steep climb and I walked past the only police officer on the island. I had a pleasant short chat with her. police cruiser

I continued my walk up the hill under overcast skies that threatened rain.police station

I walked past the police station and up the steep hill to Observation Rock.fern lined trail

I heard this is the best place to watch the sunset in Oban. I wouldn’t get that opportunity since I would be on the other side of the island looking for kiwis. bay and clouds

I next walked  to the Gold Bay track and followed  it under a thick canopy of trees as it hugged the coast.tree and trail

I could see the Ulva island water taxi through the trees. Gold Bay

The trail was well maintained and easy walking except for the many steps as it went up and down the hillside along  Deep Bay.

I was hoping to see some  birds on my hike. I was disappointed and only saw a few Stewart Island robins,New Zealand robin

and the beautiful fan tail. fantail in tree

The trail continued to climb, and then descend the hillside,

until it finally ended at Deep Bay. The sun was now breaking through the clouds and I saw along the beach  to take a rest and watch the ocean.

I continued my walk back to Oban taking in views of the beautiful Half Moon Bay. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. New Zealand Day Nine. Gold Bay Track hike February 14 2019.

It was now late afternoon when I finished my four mile hike. I had enough time for a shower and a short rest before I was off again. First, I was having dinner again at the South Sea Hotel and then off to look for the elusive kiwi. The skies had cleared and  it was a beautiful evening when I walked back to Half Moon Bay.

I learned it was Valentine’s Day at the restaurant and so I  treated myself to a New Zealand lobster or  Stewart Island crayfish. It was good but not as good as  our cold water lobsters.Stewart Island crayfish  or New Zealand lobster

I finished my meal and was again off to the trail above Bathing Beach.  I walked up the steep hill  and arrived  at the trail around 7:30 p.m.  I walked, as slowly and quietly as I could, along the trail for the next 1 1/2 hour. ferns along trail

I hoped to see a kiwi since one was again sighted the previous night around 8;45 p.m. I had a few false alarms when  I saw some New Zealand robins,

New Zealand pigeons

and noisy tuis along the trail. tui in tree

The clear skies resulted in chilly temperatures and I did not have a jacket. I walked until 9 p.m.  Once again I was disappointed I didn’t see a kiwi. I had and early start the next day so I   began the mile walk back to my hotel under a waxing gibbous moon. It looked upside down here in the Southern Hemisphere.

I was soon at my hotel and ready to sleep.  It was another long day. I slept very good on my travels in New Zealand. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. New Zealand Day Nine. Oban evening walk. February 14 2019.

“When no possessions keep us, when no countries contain us, and no time detains us, man becomes a heroic wanderer, and woman, a wanderess.” 
― Roman Payne

This is my first post