New Zealand Day Twelve: Dunedin Another Charming South Island City

New Zealand Day Twelve: Dunedin Another Charming South Island City

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I awoke in my hotel in Invercargill, one of the southernmost cities in the world,  on a rainy and dreary morning. It was still dark when I left the hotel. I had to catch my bus to Dunedin at 8:15 a.m.  and I wanted to get in a quick hike in the city.rainy street in morning twilight

My hotel was located near the railroad tracks and close to  the docks. I decided to hike on the Estuary Boardwalk trail about a mile from my hotel. Invercargill is an important shipping port and I walked past many  areas where shipping containers were stored. There were many commercial and industrial buildings in the area too. rainy street in Invercargill

I left the industrial area and made my way to the trail along the estuary.  I saw some water birds but it was too dark to get any good photographs. cloudy sky on trail along estuary

A small park and  historic dock were near it’s entrance. .mural on building

I walked about a 1/2 mile along the estuary but had to return to pack and catch my bus.  I encountered this mallard duck swimming in a storm drain near my hotel.  Here is a link to more photos from my hike. New Zealand Day Twelve. invercargill morning walk February 17 2019. mallard dunk on pond

When I  planned my trip to New Zealand myself I wanted to see as much of the country as possible in my three weeks. So I had no one to blame for another early bus ride. I was fortunate this morning since the Interbus stop was just across from my hotel.Victorian Rail Hotel

I was soon driving across the Southland region of New Zealand and it farms and ranches. landscape in Southland New Zealand

I enjoyed riding on the buses and taking in the beautiful scenery. Landscape scenery in Ortago

We  crossed a few rivers as we traveled into the Otago region of the country. bridge over river

I wish I had more time to explore the small towns and farms. I would have loved to walk these railroad tracks. railroad tracks

As we neared Dunedin we stopped at the airport to let off passengers and take a break, I grabbed a quick bite to eat so I could begin to explore Dunedin as soon as I arrived. Here is a link to some more photographs from my ride to Dunedin. New Zealand Day Twelve. Bus ride from Invercargill February 17 2019. Intercity bus After our break our bus stopped in the center of Dunedin. Not realizing how close my hotel was, I took a taxi. I arrived around noon and was told my room would not be available until 3 p.m.

Once I had my  luggage  stored at the Law Court hotel I walked  back to the i-SITE located in  center of the city.  These sites are a must stop when one arrives in any city or town in New Zealand. Friendly and helpful staff provide  local information on just about anything and can book and arrange tours. I quickly booked a tour to look for yellow-eyed penguins the next afternoon.

After booking my tour I was off to explore Dunedin. The center of  downtown is shaped like an octagon.   St. Paul’s Cathedral towered over the center of the park in it’s center.

Of, course I had to stop in for a visit. St. Paul’s is the seat of the Anglican Church in Dunedin. Itis not as old as many of the churches I have visited on my travels having been built in 1915. Still I enjoyed it’s quiet splendor. Here is a link to some more photographs of this beautiful cathedral. New Zealand Day Twelve. St. Paul’s Cathedral. February 17 2019.

The city was crowded with students and their  families. The  Fall semester was beginning at Otago University. Dunedin has a large student population.  I roamed it’s busy streets and walked on Stuart Street to the most photographed building in New Zealand, the Dunedin Railroad Station.

The building is now an art gallery and I took a quick peek inside before I continued on my walk.Here is a link to some more photographs of the Dunedin Railroad Station. New Zealand Day Twelve Dunedin Railroad Station  February 17 2019. 

The skies became overcast as I walked to the commercial area near the docks.  Here I found many shipyards. Many of them were filled with piles of logs from  the forests of the South Island.

As I walked along the waters near the docks I encountered many seagulls.

 And, a few of these birds, which, I think is  skua or petrel.

I was just roaming aimlessly through the streets of the city and came to the  Forsyth Barr Stadium. This large stadium hosts local rugby and soccer teams as well as a in a venue for major concerts.

It is next to the Leith River which flows through the city of Dunedin.

Here, I found another skua or petrel  sitting on a rock in the river.

The river led me to the scenic  campus  of Otago University.

I walked through the campus as many students were arriving with their parents and moving in to the many small cottages around the University.

It looks like some students had already arrived and were doing some partying before the semester began. It looks like college  students are the same on the other side of the planet. And nothing has changed since my days in college, and that was a long time ago.

Their were both modern buildings on the campus.

As well as some old and stately buildings. Here is a link to some more photos from my hike through the campus. New Zealand Day Twelve: Otago University Campus. February 17 2019.

It was getting late in the afternoon so I started to make my way back to my hotel. I first stopped in the Otago Museum. I  again wished I had more time to explore.

There were large groups of students walking along George Street, the main avenue back to central Dunedin.

As in any college town, there were many shops, restaurants and cafes along the street.

I walked back to the Octagon in central Dunedin and roamed some of the side streets.

There were many interesting murals painted on some of the old buildings near my hotel.

It was around 4 p.m. when I finished my 5 mile hike. I checked into my room and worked on editing some photographs. I got hungry around 6 p.m and walked back to the center of town to eat at  the most highly rated restaurant in the city, Bacchus. It was closed. I soon found most of the restaurants were closed.  So I returned to my hotel and decided to eat there. The hotel was a modest place. There was a casino and the clientele was mostly blue collar. I got a very tasty and wholesome meal of a local fish with potatoes and vegetables. local fish potatoes and vegetables

It was so good I had to try the apple pie and ice cream. I was glad I did. I was full, and tired, and ready to sleep. I had a long day planned starting early the next morning. I feel asleep with pleasant thoughts of my adventures floating in my head. Here is a link to some more photographs from my walk. New Zealand Day Twelve Afternoon walk. February 12 pie and ice cream

“I still think New Zealand the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Its scenery is extraordinary … Everywhere the beauty of the countryside is astonishing.” Agatha Christie

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