Norway Day Eight: Tromso Another Walk To Prestvannet Lake

Norway Day Eight: Tromso Another Walk To Prestvannet Lake

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After my day at sea and late arrival, I again  awoke in Tromso later than usual on Thursday morning. I usually am up with the first light of dawn. This doesn’t work above the Arctic Circle in June.  There is no dawn.  And I did not sleep well. I looked out of my window and, of course, it was cloudy with some light rain. Once again I had to wear my rain gear as I prepared for my morning walk.rainy streets in Tromso

I decided to walk back to the lake I had visited earlier in the week. I followed a different route up the steep hillside. view of Tromso in rain

Once again  I walked past well maintained residences,many with views overlooking the ocean below. home in Tromso

I came to the cemetery I visited a few days earlier.cemetery view of mountains

I tried to find a short cut through the cemetery but that didn’t work. I did find this pretty old church. church in cemetery

I soon found the trails leading to the lake, which I learned is named Prestvannet Lake  . Here is a link to some more photographs of my hike to the lake. Norway Day Eight. Tromso walk to lake June 7 2018tree lined path near lake

As I neared the wetlands surrounding the lake I again saw hundreds of nesting seagulls fluttering about or sitting on their nests. sea gulls on nest

The leaves on the trees had grown considerably since my visit five days earlier. I’m not totally sure but I believe this is a species of birch tree. new leaves

There were also some wildflowers blooming along the lake. yellow wild flower

As I neared the lake I saw quite a few of these common Pennsylvania water birds, the beautiful mallard duck. This is a male. mallard duck up close

I  continued on a path that ran along the lake. The rain had stopped but the skies remained cloudy.  view of lake and mountains

I once again saw this unusual bird in the wetlands along the lake. ruff in wetlands

I learned it is a ruff. ruff in wetlands

There were also these  birds which I believed were loons but are called divers in the Norway bird identification guides. divers on lake

This is one in flight. diver in flight

I continued my walk along the lake seeing many different species of birds. I was able to photograph a few birds which I haven’t identified like this one,unkown sparrow like bird

I saw a few of these birds which I believe are white wagtails. white wagtail ?

Here is on in flight. Please feel free to help identify any of these birds and correct me if I have misidentified any of them. 

I saw this familiar bird, I thought it was a great blue heron but it is actually, I  believe, a grey heron. Here is a link to some more of the birds I saw at the lake.  Norway Day Eight:  Tromso: lake birds June 7 2018. 

I could have stayed near the lake all day and looked for and photographed the many birds I saw there. However, I was getting hungry and it was time for a late breakfast. I walked back down the hill to downtown Tromso and my hotel. 

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust