Norway Day Four: Another Rainy Day In Tromso

Norway Day Four: Another Rainy Day In Tromso

Tromso morning walk Day four (10 of 50)
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I slept in Sunday morning in Tromso. I awoke at 8 a.m.  which is unheard of when  I am traveling. But I have never traveled under the midnight sun before.  I once again had difficulty sleeping. It was only my second day so I attributed it more to jet lag. I was up past midnight again but the rain kept me from seeing the sun.  clouds and rains in Tromso port

And my late awakeing really didn’t matter it was still raining.  I decided not to drive in the rain.  I  put on my rain gear and this  once again  walked the streets of Tromso  in a steady cold rain. ships in cloudy port

I started at the harbor and walked north toward the bridge that led to the cable car. There were very few people or cars on the rainy  streets. rain soaked street Tromso

As I left the restaurants, museums  and hotel near the port I walked into a older and more  residential neighborhood.  statues and houses Tromso

I found some of the old  wooden homes which are  here in Tromso.wooden house in Tromso

I left this older residential area and walked under the bridge and into commercial and industrial district. I also found my Hertz rental car drop off for later in the day.gas station

I love exploring the areas of a town were few tourist go.  You learn a lot of a town and it’s people that way. My time to explore was limited, and it wasn’t pleasant walking in the rain, but I did manage to get into some out of the way commercial areas. commercial property

I headed back and decided to walk uphill where I expected to find some nicer neighborhoods. I came to one of the entrances to the vast tunnel and parking network that is located beneath the city.bridge and entrance to tunnels

I made my way uphill, finding a mixture of residences,residences on Tromso hillside

and businesses. hillside Tromso

I walked back into town past the Catholic church andCatholic church Tromso

the modern library.  I tried to see if the library was open but not at 9 a.m. on a Sunday. library Tromso

I stopped to take my once a trip customary selfie. photo of self reflection

I was now near the hotel district again and it’s many restaurants and shops. I wasn’t able to get the best photographs because of the clouds and rain but it is always  a wonderful experience to roam the streets of a foreign city. I came to know, and love, Tromso, a little more. Here is a link to some more photographs from my  morning walk in Tromso. Norway Day Four: Tromso morning walk Sunday June 4 2018. pizza place Tromso

I was soon in the hotel , were I showered and finished packing. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of many local dishes at the hotel. I enjoyed my stay at the Clarion Edge and their pleasant and informative staff. I hope to come back to see the northern lights. But first things, first, I still need to see the midnight sun. boats in dock Tromso

“Let the romantic minds meet the romantic cities and after that the candle of romanticism shines on earth like a sun!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan