Norway Day Six: Honningsvag: A Windy Walk Along The Ocean And A Visit To North Cape Museum.

Norway Day Six: Honningsvag: A Windy Walk Along The Ocean And A Visit To North Cape Museum.

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I once again awoke around 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Honningsvag.  I did not sleep much. I was having difficulty adjusting to the 24 hours of light. It was cloudy, windy  with snow flurries in the air. The temperature was 33 degrees. I was glad I brought some winter gear with me. I  quickly dressed and was off for a hike to the small fishing village of along road in Honningsvag

I was told by the woman at the desk it would be about a half hour walk to the village.  The streets of Honningsvag were busy with residents going to work and children off to school. homes along road in Honningsvag

I followed the only road out of town and it led me  past the church and cemetery I had visited the day and cemetery on highway

 I always love my walks in foreign lands. I like observing the ordinary items of daily life we all share, like these mail boxes, or the unusual like mail boxes on highway

these  fish drying  on the porch of one of the houses along my drying on porch

The road  hugged the shore of the Porsnager Fjord, the fourth longest in Norway and an arm of the cold northern Barents Sea. highway along fjord

Unfortunately it was too narrow to allow me to walk on the coast and I had to walk on the side of the road  beneath the tall cliffs of the island. Many seagulls soared overhead. I am guessing they were nesting high above on the tops of the cliffs.sea gull in flight

I heard the singing of many birds along the steep cliffs but could not see them from the highway below. rocks and snow fence on cliff

I also found a few wild flowers growing slopes near the highway including this pretty pink ones which look a lot like the ones in my parents and grandparents flowers in rocks

It was cold and windy and I was pelted with an occasional rain or snow shower as I  walked on the Norwegian coast  As I came around a curve in the highway I noticed the road entered a tunnel in the distance. entrance to tunnel

I was hoping there was a walking lane in the tunnel and soon found out there was. tunnel

I came through the tunnel and realized the village was more than a 1/2 hour walk. I was already 45 minutes into my walk so I quickened the pace to reach the village. fishing village

I did  make it to the outskirts of the village but had little time to explore. I wanted to get back for breakfast served until 10 a.m and to tour  a museum before my trip to the North Cape. entrance to fishing village

I walked  past some old wooden homes on the outskirts of the town.old wooden house Nordvagen

And found many boats old and new along the shore of the village.boat in Nordvagen

I wanted to walk to the center of this small village but knew I had to return so I just made a quick visit to one of the boat docks in the in Nordvagen harbor

I began my return walk and saw a few more birds on my return including this duck like bird,bird in water

this crow.crow on rock

I was also to experience this sea eagle being attacked by these two crows. I sure wish it were warmer and I had more time to look for the wildlife of this arctic region. Here is a link to more photographs of the birds I saw on my hike. Norway Day Six: Morning walk birds. June 5 2018.sea eagles chasing crow

It was a long cold walk back but I made it in time for a hearty breakfast, a shower and was soon off to visit the North Cape Museum. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike to Nordvagen. Norway Day Six: Honningsvag Morning walk June 5 2018.

After breakfast I walked the short distance, once again in a heavy, cold rain to the North Cape Museum .

This small museum told the tale of the town of Honningsvag, the North Cape and the surrounding areas from prehistoric to modern times. 

I learned about the North Cape and how it became a tourist attraction hundreds of years ago. 

There were exhibits on the fishing industry in the area and

about the NAZI occupation of WWII and the destruction of the old town as they retreated from northern Norway. 

Only the old church survived. Luckily the residents wanted to return and rebuilt  their city. 

I spent an informative hour in the museum but had to leave for my trip to the North Cape. Here is a link to some more photographs from my visit to the museum. Norway Day Six:  North Cape Museum. June 5 2018

“Journeys are the midwives of thought. Few places are more conducive to internal conversations than moving planes, ships or trains.” 
― Alain de Botton