Norway Day Two: Tromso "Paris Of The North": A Quick Tour

Norway Day Two: Tromso "Paris Of The North": A Quick Tour

Tromso walk part two (31 of 41)
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            <![CDATA[It was a long flight and I was very tired when I left the airport after my arrival in Tromso. I was also a little anxious about renting a car and driving in Norway. I had never driven in a foreign country before. No problem.<a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-116475 size-medium" src="" alt="Peugeot SUV rental " width="225" height="300"></a>

The folks at Hertz rental center  were quick and friendly and soon had me in a Peugeot SUV. It took a bit to get used to the European automatic shifting but I was soon on the road. And soon stopping to take in the amazing scenery just outside the airport. blue waters of harbor and mountains

Tromso is essentially an island city located about 30 miles from the ocean in  one of Norway’s numerous fjords. It is also located north of the Arctic Circle. So, for about three months of the year,  the sun doesn’t set. And this is what I came to see. Even with the 24 hour sunshine there was still snow on some of the mountain tops.water, snow capped mountains and clouds

I followed the navigation system on my phone but was surprised when it lead me into a tunnel. The main road follows this tunnel right through the center of the island. It was dark, scary and confusing, especially the round-abouts. Welcome to European Driving. Well I passed the test and I made it through the tunnel and soon found my hotel, the recently built Clarion Edge. Clarion Edge Tromso

I was able to check in but  was advised there was no parking. I was told the best place to park would be the underground parking lot  a short distance from the hotel. I took my luggage to the room and drove the “short distance” to the underground parking. entrance to underground tunnel parking

The “short distance” turned out to be almost a half mile. It was a 1/4 mile to the entrance and then, the tunnels were endless, and filled with automobiles.  They love tunnels here in Tromso. I drove another 1/4 mile underground until I found a place to park. tunnel parking

It wasn’t a bad thing since I got my first real feel for Tromso walking back to the hotel.  Shops, hotels ,restaurants, churches and a lot of folks enjoying the sunshine.  Here is a link to some more photographs from my ride from the airport and walk back to the hotel. Norway Day Two Airport ride June 1 2018. statue trees and mountains

I returned to my room, grabbed my camera and immediately set out exploring the streets of Tromso. My hotel was located on the waterfront and the first thing you noticed were the numerous sea gulls and their high pitched cries. They were everywhere. seagull in flight

I decided to walk south  along the docks and take in the water and  spectacular view of the mountains surrounding the town. ship and mountains in harbor

I love harbor towns and have visited many in remote parts of our planet. Tromso is unique in that even though it is hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle the warms waters of the Gulf Stream moderate it’s temperatures. It still gets cold but not as bitter cold as other ports at this latitude would be. mountains and harbor

It was partly sunny with a cool breeze and  temperatures in the mid 50’s while I walked along the waterfront. The air was so fresh and invigorating. snow covered mountains

I made my way to Polaria one of the many museums in Tromso. I didn’t stop in to visit since I  wanted to see more of the city. statues is harbor

I walked down into the center of town past Mack Brewery, I believe the northernmost brewery in the world. Mack brewery

I love roaming foreign cities. I love to see the shops , churches, residences and restaurants of the local folks. I stopped in a small grocery store and was surprised at the fresh produce so far north.produce in grocery store

I made my way to Storgata the main pedestrian street, still lined with the old wooden houses that Tromso is famous for. wooden building on street

I walked past the Cathedral which is under repair,tromso cathedral

and a Catholic Church were I stopped in for a quick visit. Catholic Church Tromso

I heard they have been getting a lot of rain in Tromso. It is usually a dry month and the reason I decided to visit now. The locals and tourist were enjoying the sunshine and the streets were crowded.crowded street tromso

I walked  to the dockside again and enjoyed the view. Here is a link to some photographs from my walk.  Tromso afternoon walk part one. June 1 2018. ships and mountains

I continued to see and hear  the many seagulls flying overhead. seagull in flight

I was enjoying my walk and wanted to continue but I was tired and wanted to get some sleep so I could  get up to see the famous midnight sun. So, reluctantly, I returned to my hotel making a few stops along the way to observe the local shops. Tromso afternoon walk part two June 1 2018. local store

Once at my room, I checked out the weather forecast It  was calling for rain later in the evening. I had planned  to take the Fjellheisen or cable car and watch the midnight sun from atop a mountain overlooking Tromso. I decided to change my plans and visit the cable car while the sun was shinning. So I made my way to a local bus stop and took bus 26 to the cable car located across the water from my hotel. bus to cable car

It was a pleasant 15 minute ride and I was soon leaving the bus and enjoying the more rural residential neighborhood, housed near cable car

and some local wildflowers.local wildflowers

I arrived at the entrance, paid for my ticket and was soon riding the cable car to the top of the mountain. view from cable car

The views  were spectacular.view of Tromso

The island on which Tromso is located sits in the middle of a fjord connecting to the sea about 30 miles west of the city.view from cable car

It was cold up there and clouds were moving in and confirming I made the right decision. 

I took in the view and also was treated to a show from this hang glider as he made his way off of the mountain.

It was well worth the trip. I stayed a half hour and took the next cable car down since I was tired and wanted to get some sleep in case the skies cleared at midnight. Here are some more photographs from my visit to Fjellheisen.  Norway Day Two cable car visit June 1 2018. 

I returned to my hotel, showered and visited a nice restaurant next to my hotel, the Vertshuset Skarven  where I enjoyed a wonderful meal of  seafood soup

and arctic char. 

I returned to my hotel and was able to sleep two hours. I set the alarm for 11 p.m. hoping the skies would have cleared. They didn’t and, although it was still light I wasn’t able to see the midnight sun on my first night in Norway. This was the view from my hotel. I wasn’t disappointed, I had a remarkable journey and adventure exploring the far north of Norway. And I knew there would be more adventures in store for me on this trip.  view from hotel at midnight

 “A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both have the marks to show they have many stories to tell. They see many faces. They tear things down and make new again.” 
― Rasmenia Massoud]]>