Nothing Says Spring Like April Flowers

Nothing Says Spring Like April Flowers

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The  appearance of  flowers  is  one of the surest signs that Spring has arrived here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Of course the return  of the robins and other migratory birds, the longer days, warmer weather and the leaves on the trees are  much appreciated after a long Winter, but its the appearance of the flowers that I think makes us truly know that  Spring is here. 

 Every February I look forward to finding that first snowdrop or crocus flower bursting through the snow. Today I took  my camera and macro lens on my daily walk and photographed  some of the colorful flowers that are now in bloom, including the many varieties of daffodil. 

These yellow flowers usually first appear in late March. 

However, April is when they are in full bloom and can be see in many yards and , like this one, growing wild in the woodlands. 

One of my favorites,  the fragrant  hyacinth,  are also in full bloom in the gardens in my neighborhood. 

They come in variations of  essentially three colors, blue, white and  pink. 

They originated in  eastern Asia and have a long association with our western culture. Some more information can be learned from the link above. 

Even though we call them weeds, the lowly dandelion is welcome, for a short time, in early Spring. it is one of the first flowers to bloom after the snows melt. 

The  forsythia flowers are now in full bloom adding bursts of yellow to the landscape. 

Soon the tulips will be the next flowers to burst forth in bloom. I saw a few early one on my walk. 

I also saw these  pretty and delicate bleeding hearts blooming   in a sheltered area with a southern exposure. They usually do not bloom until May so I was glad to find this  early one. 

It was a chilly day today, temperatures were only in the 40’s even with some strong April sun. But I didn’t mind it one bit, not when the flowers are in bloom. I love the Spring!!! Here is a link to a gallery in my website with some more photographs from my walk. Spring flower walk April 15 2020 

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.”
 — Algernon Charles Swinburne

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