Play Ball. Philadelphia Phillies Home Opener.

Play Ball. Philadelphia Phillies Home Opener.

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Another sure sign of Spring is the beginning of baseball season. I have been a  Philadelphia Phillies since I was six years old. I still remember watching Jim Bunning’s perfect game with my dad on Father’s Day. I didn’t get really interested in the Phillies for a few more years but once I did I became a fanatic.  Phillies Opening Day (31 of 39)

I didn’t get to my first Phillies game, at old Connie Mack stadium, until I was 12 years old, but I listened to every game on the radio. I remember staying up late at night, listening to the games on a tiny transistor radio,  when the Phillies played on the west coast. Games were usually aired on television on Sunday afternoons.

As we got older my dad was able to take us to games at Veterans Stadium when a local church would run a bus trip. How I loved those 90 mile bus trips. And then,the  excitement of the ball park, the smell of the diesel fumes from all of the buses in the parking lot, the bustling crowds, the smell of the ballpark foods, the organ music filling the air, roaming through the crowds, exploring the vast expanses of the “Vet”,  trying to get autographs, the National Anthem and finally the first pitch, what wonderful memories.Phillies Opening Day (34 of 39)

After I got out of school and started working I always tired to get to as many games as possible and was fortunate to get to follow my Phillies in their Spring Training home in Clearwater, Florida. So I have remained a die hard Phillies fan until this day, and when I get the opportunity to attend Opening Day, like this year,  I take it.

Phillies Opening Day (5 of 39)

It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia, sunny with temperatures near 70 degrees.  Perfect baseball weather. We got there early and took the subway into downtown Philadelphia, my favorite city, for lunch  at the famous Oyster House, on Samson Street.  Got back in time for the beautiful opening ceremonies including the unfurling of a gigantic flag, delivery of the first baseball by the United States Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs.  and introduction of the 2015 Philadelphia Phillies.  This are links to videos I took, and uploaded to my Youtube channel for the ceremonies.     

It wasn’t a good day for my Philles, we lost 8 to 0 but a great day  at the ballpark.  It wouldn’t be Spring without baseball.  Here is a link to some more photos I took in downtown Philadelphia and at the ballpark.



“Baseball is a good thing. Always was, always will be.”
Stephen King,