Playing Hooky Again. A Short Afternoon Hike At Our Local Community Park.

Playing Hooky Again. A Short Afternoon Hike At Our Local Community Park.

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As I have often said here on my blog, you don’t have to go far to see the beauty of nature. You can find it in your own backyard if you keep your eyes peeled. It was hot and sunny Friday afternoon. I decided to leave the office early again and hike out nearby  Community Park. cumulus clouds over lake

Located about two miles from my home ,  I have visited  Community Park since I was a child.  When I arrived billowing cumulus clouds began to develop in the southeastern sky.  Thunderstorms were in the forecast.  clouds over lake

I wasn’t going to rush my hike. I wanted to observe, and share, the wildflowers, plants and wildlife growing around scenic Lake Irena and the surrounding woods. I first noticed the lush growth of lance-leaf pickerel  along the shores of the lake. lance leaf pickerel

Some of it was starting to produce beautiful blue flowers. lance leaf pickerel flower

The leaves of this plant are a favorite resting spot for dragonflies,dragonfly on leaf

and the more delicate damselflies.damselfly on leaf

I continued my walk along the trail around the lake. Frogs were jumping in ahead of me, eluding my attempts to get a photograph. The wildflowers didn’t move so I was able to photograph this meadow rue, meadow rue flower

this delicate bladderwort and this bladderwort flower

St’ John’s wort. i am able to identify these plants because of my new iPhone app. I am not sure if it is always accurate so please feel free to correct a mis-identification. yellow St. john's worth flower

The high  bush blueberries or ‘swampers ‘ are ripe now and I enjoyed a few that I  found. high bus blueberry

The trail took me to some rocks where I saw this juvenile cormorant enjoying the late afternoon sun. juvenile cormorant

The skies to south darkened and the rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance. However, it appeared the storm would stay to the south of the Community Park.storm cloud near lake

When I came to the creek that feeds the lake I found that  beavers have recently  constructed a dam, creating  a new wetland behind it. beaver dam on creek

I was finally able to find a frog that would sit still long enough for a photograph. frog in pond

Just as I was completing my lap around the lake I saw a family of Canada geese swimming along the shore. Canada geese

All of a sudden on of the goslings became excited and started splashing in the water. I could tell it  was frightened. It seemed to being pulled by something.Canada geese gosling caught in fishing line

The parents and siblings came honking to her rescue. I assumed it may have been attacked by a snapping turtle. After some splashing and a lot of honking it freed itself and the entire family swam to the middle of the lake.

gosling tangled in fishing line It was only when I got home that I saw the gosling had become ensnared in a discarded fishing line. I am sure the poor bird didn’t understand what was happening and feared it was a snapping turtle. These large turtles are common here and do take young goslings. It is why the entire family came to her rescue. Well all was well that ended well. canada geese

I continued my walk through the woodlands surrounding the park. 

wooded trail Here I found a few mushrooms growing in the shade of the trees. fawn mushroom

The trail led to the baseball fields and continued on an abandoned road.storm cloud over trees

I followed the road hoping to see some wildlife. Once again I was disappointed. I did see some more wildflowers including  a species of small daisies, and

dogbane. dogbane flower

I also found the leaves of a plant that would have produced a beautiful flower in late April or May a trillium.trillium  

On my return walk I listed to the rumbling thunder from the storm that was raging to the south. I am glad it missed us. It let me explore the areas in our Community Park. There were no exciting observations like snakes, bears or eagles. However,  I was still impressed  with the beauty of the mundane things in nature I found on this short three mile hike. And I enjoy sharing them with my friends on my blog and social media. Here is a link to some more photographs from my hike. Community park hike June 28 2019. 

By discovering nature, you discover yourself. Maxime Lagacé

water lily